Galactic Speculation

by Blaise Tassone

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We all know that Galactus is one of the premier cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. Galactus is so cosmic, in fact, that where other characters have lunch, he can only recharge his energies by feeding on the life force of entire planets.

A bit of advice: don’t ever invite this guy over for dinner.

The cosmic entity known as Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. First appearing in the story “The Coming of Galactus” in Fantastic Four #48 (March 1966), it’s hard not to notice that the key appearances of Galactus in the original Fantastic Four run, starting with issue #48 – but also issues #49 and #50 – have been rising in value lately.

Although this is sheer speculation, even if well-grounded in fact, most people concur that these spikes are due to the anticipation that the FF and related characters will eventually appear in the MCU.

While Annihilus has been getting a lot of press – many think that it’s a safe bet to say that, if the FF show up, it won’t be long before we also see good old Galactus.

Unfortunately Galactus’s earliest appearances, especially in high grade, are out of reach for the average buyer.

What’s a Galactus fan to do?

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Fantastic Four #74 (May 1968) – Galactus returns to find the Silver Surfer

Assuming that it’s not crazy to think Galactus will reappear in the MCU one day, and, hopefully in a more faithful-to-the-comics version than we’ve seen in previous movies, which books should we pick up in anticipation of that happening? I’d start with this comic which featured the return of Galactus to Earth and renewed the battle from the original ‘Galactus Trilogy’. From this story we learn three things. One, promises mean nothing to Galactus. Two, he really missed the Silver Surfer. Three, and the main take away here, a good herald these days is hard to find. Oh, and this story arc may have been the first time Marvel introduced the Microverse or ‘Quantum Realm’ (as the films call it), when the Surfer escapes to it at the end of this issue. Values on this comic range from over $3, 000.00 for a certified 9.8, to under $200.00 for a 9.0 copy with returns thus far being mixed and leaning positive.

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Thor #168 (September 1969) – Origin of Galactus Begins

In this comic, Thor goes on a journey into space to discover the origins of Galactus for Odin. This book actually contains the twelfth appearance of Galactus in comics (two cameos, one in Thor #134 from Nov. 1966 and one in Daredevil #37 from Feb. 1968, count as his fourth and fifth respectively, FF #74-6 make it six to eight and his return to Earth in Thor #’s160–162; Jan. – March 1969 were his ninth to eleventh, if we ignore the flashback in Silver Surfer #1 from August of 1968). Thor #168 also begins the first ever telling of his origin story, which will be continued in issue #169.

Although Galactus later reveals himself to have been a humanoid from the Utopian world known as Taa, never is he shown here to be a dust cloud as portrayed in the FOX FF movie, ‘Rise of the Silver Surfer’ (2007). Why was Galactus a dust cloud? I guess FOX spent their entire CGI budget on the Silver Surfer and Johnny Storm. I doubt Marvel and Disney will repeat that mistake. Numbers on this comic are strong with mostly positive returns as well. Currently, a certified 9.8 will cost you $6, 750.00 but best returns are on 9.0 (+ 96.6% after 17 sales since 2003) and 7.0 (+175.6% after 4 sales since 2017, but inflated due to a signature series sale).

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Super-Villain Classics #1 (May 1983) – Origin of Galactus retold with new details

With its cover by Bob Layton the first (and only) issue of Super-Villain Classics tells the backstory of Galactus in greater detail. Although we learned his origins in Thor #168, we now get a fuller account of how Galan became the devourer of worlds. We also learn when it happened. This is done courtesy of a script by Stan Lee and Mark Gruenwald and pencils by the legendary King Jack Kirby himself (with help from then FF writer/illustrator John Byrne). The story begins on the planet of Taa, but now we are told that Taa existed in a previous universe; before the big bang that created our reality. That universe, we learn, was dying. A scientist known as Galan was attempting to find a way for his race to survive the coming destruction. Commandeering a spaceship and piloting it towards the center of the imploding Ur-universe, an unexpected yet phenomenal transformation results. Instead of dying, like his crew torn apart by the gravitational forces of the cataclysmic event, Galan is transformed. After gestating for billions of years in what is left of his ship, now serving as a cocoon-like device (Does Adam Warlock know Galactus stole his origin story?) Galan awakes in a newly-formed universe as Galactus.

This book has been rising in values in recent months, with the last certified 9.8 selling on Sept. 25, 2018 for $180.00. Overall, returns are mixed but have been highest on 9.4 certified copies with [positive +225.1% roi after 5 sales since 2011].

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