G4TV’s XPlay Begins Todd McFarlane Charity Auction For Child Play

by Jeff

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 – Comic artist Todd McFarlane dropped by X-Play to show off some of his amazing videogame action figures. He also stuck around and drew a custom piece of art featuring his character Spawn at a holiday teddy bear picnic that has gone horribly wrong.

X-Play is auctioning off this cool artwork to benefit Child’s Play, a community based game industry charity that works to make children’s lives better through toys and games. Their network includes 40 hospitals worldwide. All proceeds from this auction go to Child’s Play.

Not only is X-Play auctioning off Todd’s awesome drawing for charity, but also three of his action figures and a few other X-Play perks!

The prize package includes:

– Original Todd McFarlane art (11×14)
– DVD of XPlay episode that features Todd McFarlane interview and him drawing the piece on the show
– Three McFarlane videogame action figures (from the games Halo, Call of Duty, and Guitar Hero)
– Personalized autographs from Adam and Morgan
– X-Play T-shirt and G4 messenger bag
– Winning bidder gets a shout out on X-Play

See more info at www.g4tv.com/spawn.

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