G4 TV’S Attack Of The Show Announces Invincible Co-Creator Cory Walker’s Return

by Jeff

Media Release — Yesterday afternoon during G4 TV series Attack of the Show’s Fresh Ink segment, Blair Butler announced acclaimed artist and INVINCIBLE co-creator Cory Walker will return to illustrating INVINCIBLE in a two-part story setting the stage for the upcoming ‘Viltrumite War’!

“While Cory has been working behind the scenes in the INVINCIBLE crew, it’s great to have him back for these two very special issues,” INVINCIBLE co-creator and writer Robert Kirkman said. “They’re going to be pretty damn momentous in the grand scheme of INVINCIBLE as we place the spotlight on INVINCIBLE’s dad, Nolan, and his new partner, Allen the Alien, while they seek the only weapons capable of taking down the Viltrumite empire. It’s gonna be awesome!”

Walker and Kirkman’s newest creative collaboration takes place after the fan-favorite issue in which Invincible’s father, Nolan, broke free from Viltrumite prison with the assistance of Allen the Alien. Their successful escape led to Nolan joining forces with Allen and the Coalition of Planets in their efforts taking down the Viltrumite empire. Walker’s new action-packed two-part shocker will have ramifications leading up to the major confrontation the entire series has been building towards as the ‘Vitrumite War’ begins in INVINCIBLE #75.

INVINCIBLE #66, a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores September, 2009.

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