Fun is good, and so is BACK ISSUE #77

by Jeff

aug141954 Fun is good, and so is BACK ISSUE #77Media ReleaseBack Issue #77 (84 pages, FULL-COLOR, $8.95) lets you return to a time … When Comics Were Fun! FRED HEMBECK cover gallery, Plastic Man, Blue Devil, Marvel’s Star Comics imprint, JIM VALENTINO’s normalman, the Bronze Age’s goofiest Superman stories, Marvel Fun & Games Magazine, and the Batman/Dick Tracy team-up you didn’t see! Featuring the work of MAX ALLAN COLLINS, PARIS CULLINS, RAMONA FRADON, ALAN KUPPERBERG, DAN MISHKIN & GARY COHN, STEVE SKEATES, JOE STATON, CURT SWAN, and more. With a Hembeck recreation of his classic Spectacular Spider-Man #86 cover. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

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This issue will be in stores Wednesday, November 5, and ships directly from TwoMorrows on October 29.

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