From the Stacks: Executive Assistant

by Jeff

by Josh@TFAW

apr090671e From the Stacks: Executive AssistantI had no idea that the life of an executive assistant is so fraught with peril.

This June, Aspen brings us a real-life account* of the life of Iris, an Executive Assistant who also serves as a bodyguard and assassin–plus, she brews a mean cup of coffee**. She’s meticulous, ruthlessly efficient, and completely loyal to her employer.

When Iris discovers that the man she serves is even more vicious and depraved than the criminals she’s supposed to be protecting him from, her life begins to crumble and she’s forced to decide between her duty and her own morality.

Torn between her loyalty and a heavy conscience, she must journey back to the school that created her in an attempt to rediscover her humanity. But is she already too late? has three incredible covers to choose from, and it’s not too late to pre-order yours and get in on the ground floor of this exciting new Aspen series!

*probably not correct.

**again, not verified and probably not accurate.

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