From Pass to Flash: Avengers #48

by Matt Tuck

Once a minor key reserved for the hardcore Black Knight fans, Avengers #48 has erupted into a major issue. Do you have your copy? If not, you may not get one.

Nine months ago, I warned you that Dane Whitman’s key appearances were getting out of hand in “The Black Knight in the MCU?”, and that was just from the rumors of him being alluded to in Endgame. Now that he’s been made official and Kit Harrington is cast to bring him to life, prices have exploded, turning it into one of the most sought after comics on the market.

Avengers-48-194x300 From Pass to Flash: Avengers #48AVENGERS #48

The first full appearance of Dane Whitman as the Black Knight, Avengers #48 has become an absolute behemoth in the collecting world. Two years ago, back before anyone cared much about the Black Knight, a graded 9.6 averaged $305. When the rumor mill started churning the water, it spiked to a modest $533. Then came the D23 news, and the same 9.6 has ballooned to an astounding $3,100 sale on September 5. 

This is the same trend we’re seeing across the board. A 9.4, which had a fair market value of $200 a year ago, recently sold for $1,700 in August. The pattern continues all the way down to the lowest grade sold last month, the 5.0. In 2018, only one graded 5.0 exchanged hands on eBay, and it went for an underwhelming $40. Last month, it didn’t sell for less than $200, and it even set a new record high with a $220 sale on September 22.


Avengers-47-198x300 From Pass to Flash: Avengers #48AVENGERS #47

What was once the more popular of the two issues, Whitman’s first appearance is still making waves, just not so much as Avengers #48, which makes it a more affordable option. 

Whereas the 9.6 Avengers #48 will cost you over $3k, the same grade for Avengers #47 has a 90-day average of $1,148. Keep in mind, however, that it was a $338 comic just last year.

Although prices are cheaper, Avengers #47 is still quickly becoming a very expensive issue to have. Every grade that has sold online has spiked significantly, and even a 6.0 is selling for $300 after bringing just $54 in 2018.


As for the Black Knight in the MCU, we know very little. It will be the Dane Whitman version of the character, and he will debut in next year’s Eternals movie. Past that, Marvel Studios hasn’t released any details. Will he be connected to King Arthur as he was in the comics or will they completely overhaul his origin in MCU fashion? We’ll have to wait and see. 

What we can expect is that he will play an important role going forward. With Harrington fresh off his Game of Thrones stardom, he is poised to move from television star to movie star, which leads me to believe that we will be seeing plenty of the Black Knight past Eternals. It is quite likely that he will join the Avengers, and his magical element will surely put him next to Doctor Strange. The more we see Black Knight in the MCU, the more valuable his keys will become. 

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