Fright Fans Scream for City of Others

by Jeff

Steve Niles, acclaimed creator of 30 Days of Night, and legendary horror-hero Bernie Wrightson, pull out all the stops in City of Others – an unscrupulous hit-man, a vampire gang with a bizarre leader, an underground mafia of monsters, AND a marauding hoard of mind-controlled zombies? Perhaps this is a feat that could only be attempted by the strongest talents–and critics agree–City of Others is a hit! The story unfolded in four issues over the course of 2007, and now it is collected in its entirety for discerning horror fiends to add to their home libraries.

Stosh Bludowski is a killer, born with the capacity for no apparent human emotion other than rage. Killing comes easy for Blud, and he makes a good living doing what’s easy–until the day he meets two jobs in an alley who just won’t die, and a grotesque mystery unfolds right in front of him. Soon, the remorseless killer is confronted by a reality he could never imagine, and he will be invited to make a decision once and for all . . . is he human, or is he Other?_

“As a lifelong fan of good horror comics, working with Bernie and Steve on this book has been a fantastic experience,” said series editor Shawna Gore. “While Bernie’s work has been conspicuously absent from comics for quite a while, he’s been honing his legendary skills designing and illustrating for the film industry, and his work has never been more lush, detailed, and fully realized. City of Others is a monumental collaboration between two certified greats, and it’s a story any fan of quality horror will enjoy.”

City of Others will be unleashed on the masses on February 27, 2008 for a retail price of $14.95.

14133 Fright Fans Scream for City of Others
City of Others TPB


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