Freshman Year Saga Becomes A Trade Paperback Collection

by Jeff

For years, Archie readers have thrilled to the adventures of their favorite comic book teens as they traversed the latter years of high school. But many have also wondered what happened in the years before. How did everyone meet? Were the teachers always at the high school? Did all of Archie’s friends always live in Riverdale? Have Midge and Moose always dated, and just when did the “eternal love triangle” first start?

Although pieces of the puzzle have been revealed in various stories through the years, there has never been one, all-encompassing story presenting all the details and how they fit together… until now!

In the “Freshman Year” saga, originally presented in the pages of ARCHIE #587-591, readers finally learned the back-story behind Riverdale’s fabled cast of characters. This new classic is now set to join the list of other famous comic book “prequels” as all four stories are collected together in the first edition of “The High School Chronicles!” This handsome trade paperback collection will make an excellent addition to any Archie fan’s bookshelf.

This special storyline is brought to you by fan-favorite writer Batton Lash. Archie fans know him as the man behind the intriguing “House of Riverdale” multi-part storyline and the legendary “Archie Meets the Punisher” cross-over classic. Handling the art chores is popular Archie Comics writer and artist, Bill Galvan. So get your Homecoming dress, pack your brand-new backpack, and pick up your school map to find your way to the biggest Archie story of the year!

SCRIPT: Batton Lash
ART: Bill Galvan
Shipping Date: April 22nd, 2009
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: April 29th, 2009
On Sale on Newsstands: May 12th, 2009
112-page, full color trade paperback
$10.95 US.

fygn Freshman Year Saga Becomes A Trade Paperback Collection

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