Free Comic Book Day 2011: Graphicly

by Jeff

tumblr_lkmjsmln531qd6yov Free Comic Book Day 2011: GraphiclyMedia Release — With Free Comic Book Day approaching this Saturday, May 7th, everyone at Graphicly is ecstatic to participate in the celebration of comic books!

What is Free Comic Book Day? It’s the one day a year where participating comic book shops have an offering of comics that you can get for absolutely free! It’s a great day to go to your local comic book store and check out the free books as well as the other great offerings they may have. You can find out more at and you can find a local comic shop near you by using the Comic Shop Locator.

But just because Graphicly is digital comics, doesn’t mean we can’t get in on the fun and boy do we have a ton of fun planned for you on May 7th. We’ve got free comics and ways to win free comics as well as an iPad 2 or Android Tablet! Here’s the run down of what we’ve got planned:

•GIVEAWAYS – All you need to do is log into Graphicly on any platform (Desktop, Web, Android, iPhone, or iPad) and be active. That means log in, buy a comic, read a comic, leave a comment on a comic on the web, tweet out about reading comics on Graphicly with a link to Graphicly, any sort of activity. We’ll be watching throughout the day to see those of you who are active and randomly throughout the day we’ll be giving away groups of comics and ultimately one grand prize winner will choose the tablet of their choice, an iPad 2 or an Android Tablet. All you need to go is log into Graphicly and enjoy comics and you just may win!

•FREE COMICS – Everyone who logs into Graphicly on May 7th, will find a free comic automatically in their collection. This year, the folks at Archaia have provided a special Free Comic Book Day Edition of Mouse Guard for everyone at Graphicly to enjoy.

In addition to the Free Comic Book Day Edition of Mouse Guard from Archaia, we have a list of over 30 comics from various publishers that will be available for FREE on May 7th only. You have to come to Graphicly and grab these books on May 7th, because on May 8th, they go back to not free, and you don’t want to miss out on these great comics:

Massive Awesome #1 through #4
Light Apprentice #1

Mouse Guard / The Dark Crystal Free Comic Book Day Edition 2011
Mouse Guard Free Comic Book Day Edition 2010

Archie #600
Archie Marries Betty #1
Archie Marries Veronica #1

Black Label Comics
Black Label Comics (anthology) #1

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West/Walter Koenig’s Things to Come

Caryn A. Tate
Red Plains: Christmastime

Cinema Comics
Zero Hunters: Dravald #1

Creative Impulse Entertainment
JFH: Justice For Hire #1
Faixa Preta (The Black Belt) #1
Durga: The Geomancer #1
Bardo #1
Tengu: A Ninja/Samurai Love Story #0

Deadhorse Press
Deadhorse #1

Diverge Entertainment
Black and Blue

Ferret Press

Indigo Dragon
Think Weasel #1

Lone Star Press
Ex Parte #1

AAM Markosia
The Lexian Chronicles #1
Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth #1
Reya #1
From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker #1
Kong: King of Skull Island #0
Midnight Kiss #1
Of Bitter Souls #1
Raising Amy #1
Smoke & Mirror #1
Serpent Wars #1
The Boy Who Made Silence #1

Platinum Studios
Alien Circus #1

Atomic Robo #2
Abyss #2
Drone #1
Neozoic #2

Rich Barrett
Nathan Sorry #1

Unwrecked Press
In Maps & Legends #1

Grimm Fairy Tales #1-3
The Waking #1
Inferno #1
Discovery Channel’s Sharks & Prehistoric Predators

Can you believe that for one day, ALL of those books will be free? So you really have no reason not to swing by Graphicly on May 7th, try some new comics and then be elegible to win some great prizes! We hope everyone has a great Free Comic Book Day and enjoy your comic books!

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