Frank Miller, Batman, and Ebay

by Jeff

The Los Angeles Times asks Frank Miller, who expressed a mixture of surprise and delight, about the recalled All Star Batman #10 which, incredibly, was not entirely recalled and destroyed. As of this writing over 200 copies are on sale on Ebay.

The issue was written by Frank Miller who didn’t even know about the dustup until we called him. “This is the first I’ve heard of it. I have no idea how this awful thing happened. It’s just one of those terrible and glorious things that happen time to time in publishing.”

Miller, of course, prides himself on being provocative (he is the man that brought the world “Sin City” and “300“), so he let out a cynical chuckle as he mulled over the fact that he has the first true R-rated “Batman” comic book in the 69-year publishing history of the iconic DC character

That doesn’t mean he wanted it to happen. “I didn’t, of course, it’s a mistake. And my first reaction is simple: I want at least three copies.”

  c2b-foot Frank Miller, Batman, and Ebay

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