Frank Cho to contribute art and more to 50 GIRLS 50

by Jeff

apr110392 Frank Cho to contribute art and more to 50 GIRLS 50Media Release — Image Comics’ upcoming new 50 GIRLS 50, the sexy sci-fi epic co-created by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, will be fit to bursting with fantastic art! Along with the outstanding work of Axel Medellin, winner of the talent search for the perfect 50 GIRLS 50 artist, Cho himself will be contributing his own distinct art to the universe of 50 GIRLS 50.

Besides the gorgeous covers, Cho will also be providing a two page epilogue after each issue of the upcoming four issue miniseries. And as if that wasn’t enough, Cho’s character designs and breakdowns will be on display as backup material!

MAY110487 Frank Cho to contribute art and more to 50 GIRLS 50“I’ve always been a science fiction fan since I saw Blade Runner and Aliens,” Cho commented. “I saw the beautiful pages Axel was producing, saw how much fun he was having and just couldn’t resist. I had to jump in and have some fun myself! The two-page epilogue that I wrote and drew was completely unplanned and spur of the moment…

“Okay, it was an excuse for me to draw hot women.”

Newcomer Medellin added: “I’m honored to be working with Frank Cho, a real legend in the comics biz! His work has inspired me and instructed me, like so many other young artists. To be working with him now is like a dream come true. It’s safe to say that the 12-year-old me would not have believed me if I told him!”

50 GIRLS 50 #1 (APR110392), a 32-page full color comic book priced at $2.99 will be landing in stores June 1. A five-page preview of 50 GIRLS 50 #1 will be available in ELEPHANTMEN #31 (FEB110456) on May 11 for $2.99.

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