Fourth WALKING DEAD #115 cover revealed

by Jeff

TheWalkingDead115Teasers_Reveal7 Fourth WALKING DEAD #115 cover revealedMedia Release — This October is the 10th anniversary of THE WALKING DEAD and we’re excited to announce that in celebration, issue #115 will have 10 connecting covers. The covers together will form an image that highlights significant moments from the past 10 years of the series. Each of the 10 individual covers will also depict a special moment from a year of THE WALKING DEAD‘s illustrious history. These covers are drawn by series artist Charlie Adlard, with colors by Dave Stewart. JQFPKAUP5GW2

Each weekday for the next 2 weeks, we’ll reveal a part of the connecting covers for issue 115. The fourth cover revealed shows life in the seventh year of the comic, as the group tries to adjust to life in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

THE WALKING DEAD #115 goes on sale on October 9, 2013 and is available for pre-order with your local comic book retailer now!

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