Fourth Printing for Amazing Spider-Man #583 With Obama

by Jeff

ObamaSpiderMan583 Fourth Printing for Amazing Spider-Man #583 With Obama

Amazing Spider-Man #583 with President Barack Obama keeps going and going! After selling out for the third time, Marvel has commissioned a fourth printing of this incredibly popular comic book! If you missed out before the inauguration–or you’re a completist–make sure to pre-order this comic now. At this rate, there may well be a fifth printing down the pike!

Featuring a flipped version of the third printing’s flag-accented cover, the other difference is the word balloon coming from Spider-Man himself. Instead of, “Hey, if you get to be on my cover, can I be on the dollar bill?” Spidey says, “Can we go inside now, Mr. President? It’s freezing out here!”

Okay, so who wants to start the wagering? How many printings of Amazing Spider-Man #583 will there be? Can we look forward to a spring- or summer-themed cover, or what? Post your comments below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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