Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

by Joseph Overaitis

116010_f2b171a6d0040e27c259b75d8bcf0a57d374a3aa-199x300 Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

Everyone knows the hot books that the masses are targeting in the market. GoCollect makes it too easy to see what is moving.  This article will touch base on undervalued Marvel comic books from the Modern Age, Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age that I believe have not reached their value ceilings nor are these books on the radar of most investors.


Key undervalued Marvel Comic from the Modern Age

179260_dad7ac3ab24bcb678d0d90263345e4adad7aee76-1-200x300 Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

Bloodstone #1 (2001)


Contains the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone.

Affiliations of Importance to Investors

A-Force, Legion of Monsters, Midnight Sons, and Avengers


Marvels’ focus on the horror genre and the fact that Hannibal King has already been used in a prior incarnation could mean a soft introduction of this character in a Blade movie. This character could also fit in with other characters to fulfill a supernatural niche with a female lead.  Past stories with Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and Dracula could be a great way to touch the supernatural dark side of the MCU.  I do not have faith in the New Mutant horror-themed movie and believe that the new Blade film will lead Marvel to more tales from the dark corners of the Marvel Universe.  If that happens Elsa could be the light in the dark universe.  Even without the MCU, this is a book that appeals to horror fans, and that market is very passionate among collectors.



Key undervalued Marvel Comic from the Bronze Age

129995_1783d4baa30313788c7e0f54dff4f5bf59ab4631-1-194x300 Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

Captain America #217 (1977)


Features the first appearance of Wendell Vaughn (Marvel Boy).  He would later go on to become Quasar.

Affiliations of Importance to Investors

Avengers, Marvel Cosmic Universe, Fantastic Four, Annihilators


The MCU focus on cosmic events could make Quasar a great addition to any team or storyline.  His affiliation with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers could make him a great transition character in the MCU that takes the stories from Earth to the Stars. He is your “everyman” in the galactic battles among gods and space monsters. Nova (Richard Rider) has already taken off in price but this book is somehow being ignored when he can fill the same role as Nova, minus the Nova Corps affiliation. A Bronze Age first appearance should not be overlooked even if he never appears in the MCU.  Getting up in age, these books should only increase in value.



Key undervalued Marvel Comic from the Silver Age

117369_f903408e0f5fa4828f57a31652227fee76a39137-198x300 Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

Amazing Spider-man #14 (1964)


This is the first appearance of the Green Goblin.  In the immortal words of the late Stan Lee, “Nuff’ Said!”

Affiliations of Importance to Investors

Spider-man, Dark Avengers, Oscorp, and the Cabal


If you are saying that this book is already high on many speculator’s wishlists you are correct, but please look at the history of the character first.  The MCU tries to not use characters who previously appeared in other films not associated with their universe, but Osborn should be an exception.  He is Spider-man’s arch-nemesis who plays the villain in many of the hero’s iconic stories.  He is also a villain in the criminal underworld that impacts many of the other heroes in the Marvel Universe.   You may not be able to even afford Spider-man’s first appearance but you might be able to buy this book.

This book will only rise in value if either Green Goblin or Norman Osborn appear in the MCU.  Think of this as a blue-chip stock with room to grow if there is an MCU introduction. Demand rose for Vulture and Mysterio appearances.  Even Hydro-Man got a bump from guesses about an MCU appearance. This book is a player in any market even without the MCU.  It will only rise in value and if you can get a copy, consider this a long term hold that could pay off big in the future. If you could have bought it 10 years ago would you?


Key Undervalued Marvel Comic from the Golden Age

110396_7701485e7e27359d9f8828be78572a04d1a9f63d-197x300 Four Undervalued Books From Marvel Comics (Golden Age to Modern Age)

Sub-Mariner Comics #34 (1954)


Early Namor with a yellow cover makes it hard to find in high grades for collectors. Any Namor with a war cover is in demand, but this was my choice out of the bunch.

Affiliations of Importance to Investors

Fantastic Four, X-Men, Illuminati,  Defenders, Avengers, The Cabal, and…


Avengers Endgame gave some people what they believed to be an Atlantis teaser, so Namor could be in the next Black Panther film many people theorized.  Could he be in a possible Fantastic Four film as well instead of Dr. Doom?  Galactus may be coming but you do not use him in an introduction film.  Namor is both villain and hero so he can be featured in either role in the MCU, but that is not the main reason people collect Golden Age books.

You will not find his first appearance without breaking the bank, but for the Golden Age collector, this issue has it all.  You have a war cover with a damsel in distress tied up in a swimsuit.  Word War II issues are the holy grail for Namor collectors, yet most are off the market in private collections. Those that are available sell for a major premium.   What is amazing is that you can still find these Cold War issues available for a modest price.  These books are approaching 70 years in age so finding a high-grade copy is going to be difficult, but other grades can be found.  These books are slowly coming to market because some collectors are looking to trade up while other copies are coming from estates.   I missed a similar book at auction because I won another lot and this book went beyond my target.  I am kicking myself for that choice because I chose a Silver Age over late Golden Age.  Learn from my mistake:

Early Namor+ War Cover+ Bondage Cover+ Rare= Buy

Even if you do not see Namor in the MCU you can always find a buyer for this book in the market.

In Closing…

There are always books available that you can find not being targeted by the masses.  The books listed are comics that already have value, but with room to grow. If you wait for a movie announcement or other development you may miss out on these books at a later date.  In live auctions and shows (pre-pandemic)  these books were already being whispered about and purchased by savvy buyers.  Getting in on the ground floor now might take you to the penthouse later.

Next time I will take on the DC Universe!

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