Four ASM Keys Being Spurred by Rumors

by Matt Tuck

ASM-20-201x300 Four ASM Keys Being Spurred by Rumors

With Spider-Man back in the MCU, there’s a new batch of rumors pointing towards more villains entering the fold, which means their keys will inevitably spike.

And it’s all leading to the Sinister Six.

We’ve already got Vulture, Shocker, and Mysterio in the MCU, so that leaves three more members. The latest news, for what it’s worth, is that Chameleon and Kraven the Hunter will be joining the ranks in the third installment of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, and we’ve already got Mac Gargan from Homecoming. 

ASM-19-197x300 Four ASM Keys Being Spurred by RumorsSCORPION

Of course, Gargan had a couple of cameo appearances in Homecoming, but he is rumored to be ascending to the role of supervillain in the next movie. 

As far as impact on your collection, his first appearance as Gargan in Amazing Spider-Man #19 followed by his debut as Scorpion in ASM #20 was already significant. For one, they introduce a prominent villain in Spidey’s rogue’s gallery. Second, any of the early ASM comics are highly sought after.

If you want a piece of Scorpion’s history, ASM #19 is your cheaper option. At the moment, the fair market value for a 7.5 is under $300, and that will be a steal if Scorpion is a confirmed villain for the next movie. As far as ASM #20, which is the more important of the two issues, that same $300 can get you anything up to a 4.5. But don’t sleep on these comics because the prices will balloon overnight in the event that Marvel confirms their roles.

ASM-15-198x300 Four ASM Keys Being Spurred by RumorsKRAVEN

I’ve been predicting for months that Kraven is coming to movie screens one way or another. It’s not surprising that his name is being tossed about as he is the most logical choice for the team, which I laid out for you in “Pure Speculation: The Sinister Six.”

Kraven’s first appearance was already a major key, so prices were understandably high. Since his name has been churning for the past year, the values for Amazing Spider-Man #15 have been on the rise. If it gives you any indication, the 6.5 has ascended into the $1k territory with the 6.0 quickly following. Only two years ago, their FMVs were nearly half that price.



ASM-Annual-1-199x300 Four ASM Keys Being Spurred by RumorsSINISTER SIX

It’s safe to say that it’s all meant to lead to the Sinister Six, and that has inflated values for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. Like Kraven’s first appearance, the rumors of the supervillains coming to the MCU have caused major ripples. Here’s all you really need to know: last month, a rough 1.8 graded Annual #1 brought $425. A year ago, it averaged $233. When a low grade is commanding that price, you get an idea of how popular this issue has become.


Since Sony/Disney announced that Spider-Man will appear in one more solo movie and another MCU film, that leaves the question of will we see an MCU Sinister Six? Sony had been planning this with the company’s last round of Spidey flicks, so my inclination is that they want the Six on screen. Since the deal allows Sony to put Tom Holland in the title role, it stands to reason that other cast members could reprise their roles in a future Sony Spider-Man movie. Whether it happens in the MCU or the Sony-verse, the Sinister Six is definitely coming.


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robcollects October 9, 2019 - 9:54 pm

Nice article. Was able to pickup a copy of ASM #19 CGC 6.5 for $215 on ebay today.


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