Forgotten Gems

by Norman Robinson III

139036_a5c64c611e4572c897511712f229e4c46072fd65-197x300 Forgotten Gems

There are forgotten gems that need to be dusted off and put front and center as either potential investments, speculations or both. The biggest part of comic speculation is probably the tie in with either a movie or an upcoming TV series. That media explosion or “Rocket-Man” acceleration to a speculative comic does wonders for your annual returns and the pocketbook. This catalyst plays a big role, but you can also bet the other side of that coin. Instead of wading into the rising tide, you can find the forgotten driftwood comic. Why not buy at a price before there is a movie even discussed? I have chosen four big key books, three without a catalyst. These three have no film, or upcoming series. The focus or media hype is elsewhere. Huge events in comics have big keys that can get overlooked. This allows you to purchase gems at reasonable pre-hype prices for even greater profit.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4
When I returned to comics after a long absence; I was shocked at the minimal amount of price increase in The Dark Knight Returns. Yes, I know many were published, but so was ASM #300.  Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4 (1986) has the Batman vs Superman fight of the century. They may have scuffled in the past but this time it was to the death. Also, this comic has the death of Alfred, no small thing. Two big keys, in one book is a nice assurance it will never lose its place in the pantheon of top Batman stories. Frank Miller created this apocalyptic future Batman comic for which he did both script and pencils. Furthermore, there has been recent declines in (8.5) to (9.0) grades by as much as -42.2%. This makes for a great entry-level price. Even a mint copy in a grade of (9.8) only has an FMV of $120. In addition, a near mint (9.2) FMV costs just $40. Finally, it has increased interest and moved up 120 ranks to #116 most popular Modern Age comics. This is a simple buy and hold.

Doomsday Clock #1 (Lenticular Variant Cover)

A newer book to look out for and acquire is  Doomsday Clock #1 (Lenticular Variant Cover). Currently, the FMV is $40 for a mint condition (9.8). But the last price paid is even lower, $29 was the last sale for a CGC book (GoCollect). This book has completely fallen off everyone’s radar and is the first appearance of the new Rorschach. The chances they make another movie of this series is probably high in the next couple of years. After all, Snyder’s Watchmen was a masterpiece and shows there is interest in the material. I cannot say enough about the original comic series Watchmen except to give deserved props to Alan Moore. Thank you, Alan, for giving life to a fresh new take on superheroes and the 1980’s. I don’t think this book goes much lower, but there is a very little risk for this long-term investment.

Incredible Hulk #102

The Incredible Hulk #102 is another of the forgotten Silver Age gems that you should pick up now. Created by Gary Freidrich (script) and Marie Severin (pencils). The Incredible Hulk #102 is the first Silver Age comic since 1963 to have the Hulk title in his series. This is a big one for fans of Hulk, and this character continues to thrill audiences even today.  You can pick a copy up in (7.0) condition with an FMV $150. The lower grades on this comic have taken a “Hulk Smash!” and are pretty beat up. You can pick up a (5.0) for as little as $85. That cost is so small you won’t even feel it, just like gamma radiation. The writers over the last twenty years have had fun with this character. It would be very consistent to keep pushing him into the media spotlight. There is a lot of material on Hulk. Let’s be honest, he is just a ton of fun. This could be either speculation into the next Avengers movie of a long-term prospect hold.

Star Wars #42

The first appearance of Boba Fett in comics is a big key, Star Wars #42 (1980). This was created by the team of Archie Goodwin, Danny Fingeroth (script) and Al Williamson, Carlos Gazon, Gene Day (pencils). It is also the first appearance of Yoda in comics. These are two huge players in the Star Wars storyline. They are everyone’s favorite two characters: an intergalactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, and the wise Jedi Master Yoda. With talk of a Boba Fett stand-alone movie, this checks off the catalyst box. In addition, this comic is not the center of focus for Hollywood now.  In fact, a (9.6) only has an FMV of $190, not much considering the vast Star Wars audience. Star Wars continues to sell and increase in value across all collectibles. It is impossible without the Jedi mind trick to buy Star Wars #1-10 without paying a premium now. Trust me if they do Boba right, it will be a huge event and draw. This is a medium to short-term buy and hold, with a speculation sell right into the movie.




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