Forgotten First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #149 and #144

by Norman Robinson III

gwen-clone-300x169 Forgotten First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #149 and #144The unwritten rule of investing in Marvel Comics is that Amazing Spider-Man volume one is the safest bet. One of our dear readers requested a write up on some aspect of first appearances in comic books. I have picked a forgotten first from ASM volume one; simply because anything in volume one tends to have a greater chance of success. Perhaps this will be a money-making first appearance.

Everyone is looking for that new investment, that cameo, origin story, team-up, or first full appearance. It is kind of the nature of the comic book hunt to go after the big game first. When betting on the first appearance of a character, you want it to be someone or something that makes sense in the existing MCU or Sony Spider-Verse (for lack of a better term). In other words, it should be something new that adds to the main hero’s story. Also, it should make sense and would be fun to see on the big screen in the future.

Everyone has heard of the Spider-Man Clone that first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #149. Created by Gerry Conway in the script, “Even if I Live, I Die!” This book has had a brush with popularity and has already seen inflated prices early on in the MCU rollout. It has since returned to Earth as a minor key. The clone has been forgotten for the most part. He appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #149 along with the shocking reappearance of the Gwen Stacy Clone.

The Gwen Stacy Clone first appeared earlier in the series in Amazing Spider-Man #144. Both of these books should probably be on your buy list. Both are forgotten keys during our recent Thanos craze and both could play a huge roll in a future Sony-Verse. Yep, she first appeared in ASM #144 and then reappeared in this episode ASM #149 both are interesting collectibles for these key characters. From the speculation, standpoint are these comic books a worthy speculation purchase and what can we expect in the way of trend returns and price?


spidey-clone-book-194x300 Forgotten First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #149 and #144Amazing Spider-Man #149

The first appearance of the Spider-Man Clone was in Amazing Spider-Man #149. It was written by Gerry Conway in 1975. This Bronze Age beauty was penciled by Gil Kane and Ross Andru. This time period is interesting because it was during this era that clones and cyborgs very popular. Anyone remember the TV series the Six Million Dollar Man? That show was fun, campy, cool, and campy all in the same episode. This book is the first appearance of the Spidey-Clone and a series reappearance of Gwen Clone. Is this book worthy of investment or even just rank speculation? Further, is it a bargain at this price?





Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return Long-Term
Amazing Spider-Man #149 9.8 $2,299 37 -18.9%
9.6 $510 104 +34.7%
9.2 $180 122 +35.7%
5.5 $32 29 +220.7%

asm-144-192x300 Forgotten First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #149 and #144The Amazing Spider-Man #144

This is the first full appearance of the Gwen Clone. She was also created by Gerry Conway with the adroit pencils of Gil Kane and Ross Andru. How does this book compare with ASM #149 above? Which is the better clone to buy?

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return Long-Term
The Amazing Spider-Man #144 9.8 $1,350 25 +90%
9.2 $82 59 +19.5%
7.0 $32 11 -48.7%


spidey-gwen-300x169 Forgotten First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #149 and #144Conclusion

In a match-up between ASM #144 and ASM #149, the Spidey Clone seems to be more expensive than the Gwen Clone. Further, the Gwen Clone has some low-grade issues the ASM #149 simply doesn’t carry around. That said, I prefer the Gwen Clone ASM #144 in this matchup simply because you can buy up to 9.6 for under $200, and lower grades like 9.2 for under even a 100!

It is pretty obvious from these numbers that these keys are here to stay. But I want you to imagine what happens if they (Sony or Marvel) use clones in a storyline for Spider-Man? We could see these numbers double or even triple. I think this has a good possibility of happening in the next 3-5 years maybe sooner. My guess? Sony will build out its Spider franchise and give its version of the Spider-Verse more depth, with stories like the clones.

The public has to know and love Gwen Stacy. Her rise as a character in the Sony-Verse (my name for Sony Marvel World) will be the catalyst for the clones and possibly raise the value of The Amazing Spider-Man #144 substantially. Think of it as a “Clone Wars” without the Jedi. Instead, Jedi replaced by Spider-Men and dare I say, a Spider-Woman? I would love to see Spider-Gwen come to life in Sony-verse as an actual character in a movie, not just in anime. I think the clones are a good speculative bet for the future of either book. Besides Spider-Man tends to pay off in the long-term anyway; so why not roll the bones on both these clones?

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