Forgotten Femme Fatales of Marvel

by Norman Robinson III

118770_22b04a1c8bb7f7f36aea9840d4ba53c89ea63792-202x300 Forgotten Femme Fatales of MarvelIt appears at face value that 2019 is the breakout era for women in Marvel, with the introduction of a female Captain Marvel lead. But in reality, Marvel Comics has had strong female leads since the 1960s. A lot of digital ink has been given to She-Hulk and or Black Widow, both will make fantastic superheroes on big or small screens. However, there are many for Disney to choose from in Marvel. I picked three femme fatale speculations; they are strong, capable characters: Peggy Carter, Elektra, and the Invisible Girl. These three have long-shot speculation potential.

Peggy Carter had a great intro in the first Captain America¬†movie. She was brave, strong, and far from silent in this epic introduction of Cap. She was Cap’s love interest and a great deal of his motivation for self-sacrifice. Then Peggy Carter appeared in her own Netflix series Agent Carter which lasted a respectable two seasons. It spanned New York City in 1946 and Los Angeles during the new Atomic Age. Both great backdrops for tons of intrigue and action. Then it was abruptly canceled. Apparently, this show will be available on Disney Plus which could revive interest in Peggy Carter. Do you have the moxie to invest in Agent Carter now after Disney canceled the series? Further is her first appearance worthy speculation or slow boat investment?

Tales of Suspense #77

  • Grade 9.4 $295 Last Sale returns positive +2.5%
  • Grade 9.2 $250 Last Sale returns positive +47.6%
  • Grade 8.0 $72¬† Last Sale returns positive +45.6%
  • Grade 4.0 $59.40 Last Sale returns positive +38.01%

My guess is this is not the last we have seen of Peggy Carter. If you can pick this copy up cheap do so. What is the harm of owning one of the first appearances of Agent Carter? After all the higher grades 9.0 to 9.4 have paid off handsomely. My advice buy a raw copy of this comic if there is any renewed interest sell into that news.


133094_73613307e49221266de6677e6c2a8114ae598794-194x300 Forgotten Femme Fatales of MarvelDaredevil 168

Another totally tubular femme fatale is Elektra from the Daredevil series in the 1980s. Frank Miller (Script and Pencils) redefined Daredevil for a generation and made him cool again. Along with this hipper Daredevil, you needed a modern woman, someone deadly, Elektra. She first appeared in Daredevil 168 this book also has her origin story, for a twofer. Between The Hand, Stick, Elektra’s bad choices and the sociopath Bullseye poor Elektra didn’t stand a chance. Elektra is eventually killed by Bullseye in Daredevil 181. Can this deadly female Elek-Trify our bank accounts with profit?


  • Grade 9.8 $1150 FMV returns positive +6%
  • Grade 9.2 $210 FMV returns positive +2.6%
  • Grade 8.5 $140 FMV returns positive +15.4%
  • Grade 6.5 $60 FMV returns positive +30.3%

When Daredevil Season 3 ended and the show was canceled it put Elektra on ice. Daredevil 168 has low returns in higher grades not exactly incouraging. But perhaps these small returns are a reduction to the mean as this superhero is devoid of the impetus of any series or movie. Will we see Elektra again? Yes, it is very likely they will come back to this character. She is a background tent pole in the Daredevil three-ring circus act. The bottom line is that now could be a buying opportunity for this book in the higher grades.


138377_528ef407360a685ca55c6f9499ade2668d139b39-195x300 Forgotten Femme Fatales of MarvelFantastic Four #280

Sue Richards evil, can you say it isn’t so? Nope. At one point due to the manipulations of the villainous Psyhco-Man, Invisible Girl (Sue Richards of FF) is transformed mentally into Malice. She uses her force fields in a more intrusive and deadly way wreaking havoc and hate on friend and foe. Daredevil eventually helps Reed Richards to figure out she is really Sue Richards. Fantastic Four #280 is not exactly setting any records but makes great speculation and would introduce a villain little is known about.

  • Grade 9.8 $80 LAst known sale returns negative -33%
  • Grade 9.6 $19 Last known sale returns negative -19%
  • Grade 9.4 $5 Last known sale returns negative -52.2%

Malice definitely has deflated our egos and wallets. Her force fields can’t hold back the destruction of returns that is ongoing with this book. Still, it is a key, and not on anyone’s radar, yet. My recommendation is to buy it in a raw format it probably won’t get any cheaper than this. With these reductions in value now is a great time to grab this book in back issue bins from your local retailer.

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