Forget me nots…

by Ariel Lazo

nyx3-197x300 Forget me nots...A few months ago these were the hottest books on the market. Now they aren’t even talked about anymore. At one point people were willing to trade their cars and dogs for these, so what happened? What are they worth now? Keep reading to see!

NYX #3

Ahh the infamous Nyx #3, the first appearance of X-23, Wolverine’s daughter, Laura Kinney. When it comes to Wolverine or anything surrounding him, you can’t go wrong. He is loved by many and those who hate him still collect everything about him. He is a man to be feared, respected, and left the hell alone! But this book is a tough one. With the X-Men having been resurrected by Hickman and talk about him working on the new movies, who knows who will show up. Regardless, you cannot go wrong with this book, as long as you get the right price. In a 9.8 this book saw a high of $1,199 in July of 2019! Now it is currently valued at about $875 FMV. That is a drop of over $300! With some recent sales at around $710-$740, there are still deals to be made. Like I said, definitely worth buying, just at the right price.

Totally Awesome Hulk #22733685_totally-awesome-hulk-22-198x300 Forget me nots...

Since we are on the subject of claws, here is the first appearance of Weapon H. Clayton Cortez, an ex-mercenary, who after betraying his men to save villagers was converted into Weapon H, a combination of Amadeus Cho’s Hulk, Old Man Logan, and nanites from Lady Deathstrike. Wow, what a combo! You think with all of this, we would have one kick-ass hero, but nope wrong! Books in a 9.8 have only seen highs of about $120 and lows as of recent at $56. Psst…and those are FMV prices for GRADED copies. I picked one up at a flea market for about $5 in a 9.0ish, raw. So don’t be silly and just wait to find it in the wild for a cheap price. Nothing as of yet is in the works to make this key as hot as it once was.

IH377-194x300 Forget me nots...Incredible Hulk #377

The “Professor Hulk” issue! When Endgame hinted, is the world seeing Professor Hulk for the first time, this book exploded!!! Everyone sought out a copy and got as many as they could. Now people are almost giving it away. Although in the book we meet his personality dubbed Professor Hulk and Guilt Hulk, this book has lost the wind beneath its sails. In June someone paid almost $200 for a graded 9.8, while on October 6th, one sold for $69. When it comes to the Hulk, unless you are on the Immortal Hulk train, you are left behind.


X-Men #134xmen134-196x300 Forget me nots...

This one had promise. We hoped beyond hope for this movie to have been done right and *poof* EPIC FAIL! Sad enough I think Green Lantern did better in the box office then this movie. Oh, what movie? Yeah, even saying it hurts, ugh, The Dark Phoenix. Truly though, this movie would have been better than it was. Although in all honesty, eh it could’ve been worse. But this book is when Phoenix becomes the Dark Phoenix. Come on, I know many of you remember seeing the Phoenix in the 90’s cartoon and LOVING IT!!!! It was one of the best storylines next to the Omega X arc. However, comic sales are tied into the movie industry and saying that this flop gave this book some wiggle room. It is an X-Men book so it didn’t drop much. Believe it or not, one of the highest sales was seen in August with a 9.8 grade being sold for $1,050, but a week before another of the same grade sold for $750. This is still a key worth having just do your homework and work on the price. If you can score this for under the current FMV of $900 you are solid.


Although movies and hype help drive the prices of these books, always remember you can’t go wrong if you love what collect and collect what you love.

Till next time, Happy Hunting!

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