Fone Freaks & ROK ‘n Roll?

by Jeff

ROK Comics ( have announced the new comic strip “Fone Freaks” is now available for download on their partner cell phone networks in Europe and Asia.

Fone Freaks follows the adventures of Sally Snedley, a wireless scientist who seeks revenge on the nasty corporate criminals who stole her cell phone invention back in the 70’s. Sally seeks justice by targeting the Fat Cat’s cell phone customers by creating a haunted network that enables ghosts to zoom out and make people to do dumb things on their phone.

Illustrator Chris Walker has been creating comics for nearly ten years and hopes his new strip will appeal to sequential art fans of all ages. “Each Freak represents a silly, embarrassing or annoying social cell phone habit we all do – or see others doing – at some point in time. It’s mildly self-deprecating at heart although we hope younger children will enjoy the characters – even if they don’t fully understand some of the sometimes twisted underlying message. Most kids seem to have a cell phone now and (the ones I know anyway) really love being on them as much as possible.”

ROK Comics is a global mobile comic channel featuring quality daily and weekly strips including Andy Capp, Garfield and Doonesbury. For more information about the company, please go to For more information about the Fone Freaks strip, please go to

Freak_05_ZedList_Cellebrity_ROK Fone Freaks & ROK 'n Roll?

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