Flash Gordon #2 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Flash Gordon #2 REVIEW

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Flash Gordon #2
Ardden Comics
Deneen & Green

The first issue caught my interest. The second issue has me hooked. The strength of reviving this franchise is in its characters and their quick development. This comic has a good story that moves quickly, but the characters in it make their mark immediately and have a uniqueness to them that helps make them stand out. The artwork is detailed in a cartoon like manner that seems to fit this fantasy story very well. This series is shaping up to be a breath of fresh air and we are only two issues into it!

jul083683b Flash Gordon #2 REVIEW

The issue begins with the arrival on Mongo. Conveniently, the ship that Flash and company is on is shot out of the sky. Before they crash, we get more interaction between Dale and Flash to quickly reestablish their personalities and their “situation”.

Once on the ground we follow around Flash. He is confronted with some unfriendly jungle wildlife before he’s is finally saved by some natives. Eldun, a female, finds herself alone with Flash. They become frustrated with one another as they try to comprehend space travel. Its good characterization to see another brash individual opposing Flash to the point of almost humbling him.

The other part to this issue deals with Dale. Dale ends up on Ming’s ship. She doesn’t know what’s become of Flash or Zarkov, but Ming is a friendly face who is more than willing to share everything truthfully and honestly with his guest.

After a good cliffhanger the issue ends.

It’s a solid, fast paced story. It’s not trying to overwhelm you with science fiction. It’s just telling a simple story of two strangers in a far off land. One finds comfort in the company of the unknown villain while the other finds abrasion in the one he would eventually call friend. The action keeps the issue moving, but the comic isn’t light in the dialogue department. This helps to constantly let the character’s personalities drive the story and tempo.

The artwork is very vibrant with the dominance in red tones with Flash and Eldun. While the deep red and black in the scenes with Dale and Ming help to contrast the mood perfectly. The one challenge with the art is the lack of lush backgrounds, both in the air on Mongo’s ship or in the jungle where Flash finds himself. The art shines in the facial expressions and the physiques of the characters.

This comic screams out adventure and fantasy. I don’t know how long a series like this can be interesting, but the first two issues have themselves a solid anchor in the characters they are building. I highly recommend this to any fan of the genre or just a person who likes some good old fashioned action and adventure. I’m anxious for the next issue.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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