Five Surging Modern Age Comics

by Matt Tuck

Do you have these five Modern Age comics in your long boxes? They have been heating up the charts over the past month with Spider-Man and Gambit leading the charge.

Ranked by place moves, these are the five comics that showed the most growth in terms of overall sales in October. The data comes from comparing the figures from September to October using the Hottest Comics index, and below are the results. What you’ll find are the issues and their places on the Hottest Comics list followed by the number of positions it increased in the past month.

Spider-Man-Unlimited-1-195x300 Five Surging Modern Age Comics13. SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #1 (+1705)

It’s no shock that Spider-Man Unlimited #1 would go from zero to 100 mph in no time. In case you missed the news, Shriek will be joining the cast in the Venom sequel, and she made her debut in this 1993 issue. It looks more like Maximum Carnage is being brought to the big screen, which will make your old 1990s comics more valuable, at least in the short term. I predict we’ll get more casting news that falls in line with the series in the coming months.





X-Men-Annual-14-192x300 Five Surging Modern Age Comics20. X-MEN ANNUAL #14 (+128)

It’s the debate as old as the hobby itself: should there be a distinction between the cameo and the full first appearance? Although it was brief, Gambit made his debut in X-Men Annual #14, although collectors tend to aim for Uncanny X-Men #266 as it is his first full appearance. At any rate, Annual #14 is getting its due attention, and it has been a rocket over the past month. 





52-11-194x300 Five Surging Modern Age Comics50. 52 #11 (+111)

Without much noise, this issue crept into the top 50. Why is it suddenly popular? It’s the first appearance of Kate Kane as Batwoman. Of course, Kate made her first appearance in 52 #7, but it was in this issue that she donned the cape and cowl. With Batwoman starring in her own live-action CW series, she’s transitioned into the mainstream. As we all know, whenever a character gets their own show or movie, their key issues get a huge boost, and 52 #11 is definitely feeling the heat from the CW’s Batwoman.




Watchmen-1-200x300 Five Surging Modern Age Comics37. WATCHMEN #1 (+87)

The only surprise here is that Watchmen #1 didn’t fall higher on the list. With the new HBO series registering as a hit with general audiences, the Watchmen have again invaded the mainstream consciousness. Of course, the latest live-action series, at least so far, doesn’t attach itself too closely to Alan Moore’s original opus, but that hasn’t deterred collectors from searching for higher grades of the debut issue from 1986. There’s also their inclusion into the Earth One timeline in the comics with Doomsday Clock, and that just adds to their resurgence.




Batman-Damned-3-236x300 Five Surging Modern Age Comics22. BATMAN DAMNED #3 (+79)

Thanks to the cameo first appearance of the “bat-a-wang,” Batman Damned #1 typically garners all the attention in this series, but issue #3 is steadily climbing the ranks. Aside from the censorship of Batman’s crotch in the first issue, this series stacked up to be one of the more intriguing graphic novels of 2019. The finale was highly praised for its artwork and writing, and collectors bought this issue in droves throughout the month.







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