Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye On

by Mr. Long/Short

invincible-iron-man-7-3rd-printing-195x300 Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye OnThis is my second installment of a regular series that discusses late printings to keep an eye on. The first installment is available here. Late printings typically have far smaller print runs than first printings and as a result, can be extremely collectible.  Below are five MORE late printings to keep an eye on.


UC-SM-2-3rd-194x300 Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye OnUltimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #2 3rd Print

This book contains the third appearance of Miles Morales and the 1st appearance of his friend Ganke Lee. I cannot find the print run for this book listed anywhere as it was too small to be on Comichron. It really is a ghost. There is a second printing with a white border with a print run of 6,100. The 3rd printing is sure to be a small fraction of that. 

Spider-Gwen #1 3rd Printspider-gwen-1-3rd-printing-196x300 Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye On

This is another book that I can’t seem to track down the print run for. The first and second print runs were both pretty big for this book at 255,000 and 24,500 respectively. Retailers more likely than not ordered very light on the 3rd print as they had plenty of the first two. I like that this book is in green just like the 3rd print of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 which I highlighted in my last piece. These two would look great side by side!


Ms. Marvel #1 7th Print

MM-1-7th-192x300 Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye OnFor a book to get seven printings you know it has to be super hot. The sketch cover with the blue coloring really stands out. This is yet another book where I can’t track down the print run because it was too small to be included in Comichron’s list for sales in November of 2014. For that month 1,500 copies of a book were the smallest print run they included in their database. This means that print runs were less than 1,500 but I suspect it was likely in the single hundreds.


Captain America #25 2nd Print  CA-25-2nd-198x300 Five MORE Late Printings To Keep An Eye On

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier remains on schedule for Disney+. Sam Wilson’s first appearance as Captain America is certain to get hot again. This book has several really cool variant covers, I particularly like the Adam Hughes variant. However, the second printing is particularly interesting because of a very small print run. Like Ms. Marvel #1 7th printing, this book was released in November 2014 and not in Comichron’s database. 

Iron Man #7 3rd Print

Given the importance of Riri Williams to Marvel, I can see this book exploding over the next 12-24 months. This third printing is particularly cool because it features a headshot of Riri on the cover. This picture is not present in the first two printings. Additionally, it also says that it is her first appearance on the cover (there is some debate in the community if it is issue #7 or #9). There are approximately 6,200 copies of this printing. While this is higher than the other books on this list, it is super low by collecting standards. Just look at Venom #3 3rd printing. That book had a print run of about 10,000.


Important characters plus tiny print runs usually lead to big price movement in comic books. All of the books on this list are available for relatively cheap prices. Something tells me that won’t always be the case.


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Pete May 25, 2020 - 3:56 pm

How about the 2nd printing of Marauders #1 1:25 incentive Red Queen virgin variant. Not only is this comic book rare it’s also an error variant. The back cover credits the comic as a golden apple exclusive which it is not, they also credit the wrong cover artist. This one is definitely a ghost!!

Ivan May 27, 2020 - 1:17 am

I was looking into this and I thought that the Invincible Iron Man #7 2nd print was like 6600 print run? Please let me know if I am wrong.

The Amazing Spider-Man #4 2nd print is very low.

Mr. Long/Short May 27, 2020 - 6:37 am

I think that is correct. Both 2nd and 3rd prints had around 6000 copies. I like the 3rd more than 2nd due to the picture of Riri Williams on it.

HHComics July 3, 2021 - 6:09 am

So… Invincible Iron Man #11 2nd print is in a 4-way tie for first cover appearance of Riri’s face. It may also be the first cover app of All-New All Different avengers with Riri. I cannot determine the print run of this book from looking at comichron. Any insight on your end?


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