Five Modern Comics on the Decline

by Matt Tuck

The comic collecting market can be fickle, and collectors have shied away from five issues in particular over the past month.

The data was taken from the Hottest Comics index comparing sales between September 14 to November 14. I’ve listed each comic with its ranking on the modern index along with the number of positions lost compared to a month ago.

The-Boys-1-197x300 Five Modern Comics on the Decline

54. THE BOYS #1 (-46)

There’s no argument that prices are still up for The Boys’ first appearance, but since the show is no longer current news, sales have slowed dramatically. Of course, that’s not a shocking announcement. This is the lifespan of popular comics: a live-action movie or series is publicized, and sales jump. As details are released, interest grows, leading up to the first trailer when things really take off. It peaks with the movie or series’ release, and if it’s a hit, then prices can keep inflating for a few more weeks. After that, fans stop talking about it, and it becomes old news. That’s what’s happened here, which is why sales are dropping so rapidly. This time a month ago, it was the eighth-most popular modern comic.



749881_naomi-1-198x300 Five Modern Comics on the Decline70. NAOMI #1 (-40)

Ah, the “new character” boom. As I’ve written several times, there’s a visible strategy at work with the major publishers, and it works: introduce a new character, and collectors lose their collective minds over the first appearance. Even better is when there are variants for a first appearance, then things really get out of hand. Such was the case with Naomi. At first, she was the collectors’ darling. Then things fell flat, and the market has pulled away from her debut issue. Will more happen with her and breathe new life into Naomi #1? Perhaps, but for now, this comic is falling month after month.




Sandman-1-198x300 Five Modern Comics on the Decline72. SANDMAN #1 (-41)

The hype machine giveth and taketh away. Like The Boys #1, all things Sandman got a shot in the arm from the news that Netflix was developing a show around the Neil Gaiman property. While it’s still on the slate, there hasn’t been any new details revealed about it, and sales have slowed as a result. It also hampers the market when prices reach their peaks, and collectors aren’t willing to overspend on it. All that being said, Sandman #1 will return to form in the future. As soon as Netflix drops the first trailer, enthusiasm will be renewed.





Walking-Dead-1-194x300 Five Modern Comics on the Decline92. THE WALKING DEAD #1 (-37)

I’ve been writing for weeks about the fall of The Walking Dead. Between Rick’s death and the series’ end, all TWD keys have taken a hit, including TWD #1. This is still a pricey issue, and it will stay that way, but it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was.







Punisher-1-1986-196x300 Five Modern Comics on the Decline96. THE PUNISHER #1 (-40)

It’s no surprise that Punisher’s minor keys have taken a hit. A month ago, this issue was nearly in the top-50 Hottest Comics, and now it’s struggling to stay inside the top 100. Two years ago, everything Punisher was red hot, but that was when Netflix debuted his first solo live-action adventures. Since Netflix canceled its slate of Marvel series, the Punisher is not as popular among collectors. However, this is a character who will endure the slump. Sooner or later, he’ll return to live-action in one way or another. 







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