Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the Investments

by Matt Tuck

Not every hot comic has the Marvel logo. Image and Valiant Comics have been heating up the market as of late with these keys.

Granted, the Image and Valiant keys don’t carry the price tags of their Marvel – and to a lesser extent, DC – counterparts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to investment speculation, Image and Valiant issues are golden opportunities because they don’t command those inflated prices. 

That being said, here are five key issues from “the other guys” of the comic world.

Farmhand-1-198x300 Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the InvestmentsFARMHAND #1

The newest comic on today’s list, Farmhand was a critical darling and drew plenty of interest from Image fans when it premiered last year. It caught many collectors off guard when AMC announced that the series was being developed for a new live-action series. That sent the investors into a feeding frenzy as everyone wanted a piece of the action just in case it became the next Walking Dead. On the plus side, prices haven’t yet reached the insane levels. Earlier this month, a graded 9.8 was sold for $70, which is still reasonable for such a hot comic with an impending series.




The-Maxx-1-1-198x300 Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the InvestmentsTHE MAXX #1

I’m on the fence as to whether or not this is good news, but the latest word is that Channing Tatum wants to turn the Image property into a movie. As a fan of the Maxx, I am all for a new movie, especially if it stays faithful to the source material. However, I don’t have much faith in Channing Tatum, so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about this prospect. At any rate, the news is enough to make The Maxx #1 a hot speculative issue. Even better is that the fair market values are still low enough to make it worth the investment. Last month, a 9.8 sold for just $33.




692363_spawn-1-newsstand-edition-199x300 Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the InvestmentsSPAWN #1

The original Image superhero, Spawn is still making waves in the marketplace. Although it’s debatable whether or not the movie reboot will happen, there’s enough speculation to keep Spawn #1 in the collective consciousness. That translates into steady sales for the Todd McFarlane creation. In fact, it is on pace to be the fifth-best selling graded comic of the year. If the revamped film ever happens, it will only add to this issue’s appeal.





Rai-0-197x300 Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the InvestmentsRAI #0

What have I told you about trailers igniting the market? After fans caught their first glimpses of Vin Diesel in the Bloodshot movie trailer, collectors and investors were climbing over each other to get their hands on Rai #0. Practically overnight, Bloodshot’s first appearance ballooned into one of the best-selling graded comics. With that popularity comes higher prices. In the past 90 days, over 100 9.8s have traded hands online. However, the 90-day average fair market value has dropped for every grade sold in the period. I’ll have more on that for you in the coming days.




Harbinger-1-195x300 Five Image and Valiant Keys Worth the InvestmentsHARBINGER #1

The Harbinger movie was supposed to truly kick off the Valiant shared cinematic universe, but with the rights shifting from Sony to Paramount, that looks to be in jeopardy. Before September’s news about the movie rights, this was a popular issue to have. It’s since cooled off, but that could be a good thing in terms of speculation. While the Sony Harbinger adaptation has come to a close, Paramount reportedly still has the project in development. Whether or not it will make it past the development stage is a mystery, but it could be worth the gamble to grab a high grade in case it happens.



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