Five Great Games Featuring Leprechauns

by Peter Carriveau

031621A_1-300x157 Five Great Games Featuring LeprechaunsWhen it comes to video games, Leprechauns can be as hard to find as they are in real life. I have a feeling we won’t be finding any pots of gold, but that is the joy of the chase. With some careful searching, here are five great games featuring leprechauns.

St. Patrick’s day is upon us and there are a couple of things that come to mind. Four-leaf clovers, green beer, and pots of gold are some of them. One of the most prominent is that of the leprechaun. These merry, mischievous little tricksters do anything they can to ensure that you don’t find their pot of gold.

Pot-155x300 Five Great Games Featuring Leprechauns

Leprechaun/Pot of Gold (1982)

This arcade game from the golden age of cabinets is a chase game. The player acts as a detective chasing the ever-elusive pot of gold. The levels occurred in the forest and the player is continually chased by, you guessed it, a leprechaun. If he catches you before you get the gold, it’s game over man, game over.

There is one complete game in full arcade regalia listed on eBay for $3,649. Though that is a lot of dollars, it seems to be a standard price for games of this era. The gaming board alone is listed for $349. Still, this game might be more of a sentimental collectible than a lucrative one, as demand does not seem high. Still, it’s a nice snapshot of classic Taiyo arcade games. Can you imagine having this in your den?

220px-Kings_Quest_I_-_Quest_for_the_Crown_Coverart Five Great Games Featuring LeprechaunsKing’s Quest (1984)

This classic adventure series was published originally for the IBM PCjr in 1984 and later for several other systems between 1984 and 1989. As you might expect, it is full of magical creatures. As a knight on a quest, (big surprise there,) you encounter leprechauns during your travels. They are mischievous as opposed to evil and serve the Leprechaun King. With a love of green, clovers, and dancing to music, they represent their Irish heritage well.

There are several used, raw, copies of this game on eBay, currently. Most hover around $100. While I am unable to find any graded copies of the game, one can speculate that this highly collectible limited-release game might turn a high profit for lucky collectors one day.

Job the Leprechaun (2015)2546ca898e28f10ef2ef41f08b17d2c1-213x300 Five Great Games Featuring Leprechauns

In this game, the leprechaun gets to play the hero. Released for the Wii U  by FrontView Studio and developed by Herrero Games, you play Job the Leprechaun, who has been tasked with rescuing his friend Eri. Your goal is to collect clovers as any good, self-respecting leprechaun should. This game is a straightforward platformer in the vein of Mario Bros. Once you collect all the clovers on a level, you advance to the next. The retro design and Chiptune sound are nice for vintage gamers, though the much-smoother gameplay has an edge over its 1980s ancestors.

Currently, this game is easily attainable for very little money. Still, who knows? Maybe this one will deliver a pot of gold to collectors somewhere down the line.

Kings_Quest_VI_-_Heir_Today_Gone_Tomorrow_Coverart Five Great Games Featuring LeprechaunsKing’s Quest 6 (1992)

Yes, this is another King’s Quest game, but it is really hard to find leprechauns in video games, so this will be our number five. Regarded as the high point for the series, this game has a specific quest related to the Green Isles, and guess who lives there? That’s right, leprechauns. They are a merry little bunch who love to play the fiddle and adore clovers. Pretty standard leprechaun stuff.

This is a point-and-click adventure game, first released in 1992 as the sixth installment in the King’s Quest series produced by Sierra On-Line. About 400,000 copies of King’s Quest VI were sold in its first week of release and it topped sales charts for DOS games upon release in September 1992. It would hold onto the number one position through December.

New, factory-sealed, games are listed on eBay for around $200. Given that this has been called the pinnacle of the King’s Quest series, there is definitely room for it to grow on the collecting field.

Folklore (2007)

folklore-260x300 Five Great Games Featuring Leprechauns

Ok, I’m cheating with this one, as it is not a leprechaun-y game. However,  this role-playing game (developed by Game Republic and published by Sony,) is set in Ireland and the Celtic Otherworld of Irish mythology. Thus, I believe it warrants a place on this list. The game is split between two worlds. One half takes place in the real world, set in the small sea-side Irish village of Doolin. The other side takes place in the more fantastical Netherworld, inhabited by folk creatures and spirits.

New/sealed game prices vary. I’ve found some as high as $69 and others as low as $39.  This is still a pretty green pick for collectors. However, the graphics and intriguing story could certainly open it up to interest in the upcoming years.

Well, there you have it! Five great games with leprechauns that you can play and you didn’t even have to follow the rainbow to this pot of gold. It was hard to find these five, as games with leprechauns are as elusive as the legends themselves. So, in the true spirit of the holiday, make sure you put your green “kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirt and get your game on!

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