Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market

by Matt Tuck

Fall is in full swing, and October saw Spider-Man dominate the Silver Age hottest comics list, but Spidey comics aren’t the only issues that made impressive gains.

Now that October has wrapped up, it’s time to examine the data. Today we’ll take a look at five of the biggest movers among the best-selling Silver Age comics for the month. It’s no surprise that Amazing Spider-Man had the most issues that gained ground, but there’s more to this era than just Spidey.

Where did I get my data? Using the Hottest Comics index, I compared the data from October 1 to November 1 with that from September 1 to October 1. Focusing on the top-50 most popular comics, these were the five titles that made the most noise on the list. What you’ll find is the comic’s position on the October list followed by the amount of change from September. 

ASM-11-197x300 Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market26. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11 (+107)

During the summer, no one cared about this issue. These days, practically everything Spider-Man, at least in the Silver and Bronze eras, have turned to gold. This is a great alternative for those who can’t afford the price tag of Doc Ock’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #3






ASM-Annual-1-199x300 Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market27. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 (+103)

I’m surprised ASM Annual #1 isn’t ranked higher on this list. With the new Sony/Disney Spider-Man deal in place and the clues all over Spider-Man: Far From Home, it seems imminent that one of the two corporations will bring the Sinister Six to life. That has spurred sales for the villainous group’s first appearance from all the way back in 1963.






ASM-15-198x300 Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market39. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #15 (+83)

Speaking of the Sinister Six, Kraven the Hunter has been gaining popularity as rumors continue to swirl that he is coming to the big screen. I have previously reported on Black Panther director Ryan Coogler saying he wanted to include Kraven in the movie, and there are plenty of millings about Kraven being included in the third of Marvel Studios’ Homecoming trilogy. Suffice to say, fans are expecting an announcement about a live-action Kraven anytime now.





Daredevil-4-200x300 Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market42. DAREDEVIL #4 (+1071)

This issue may seem like a random entry in the top 50 at first glance, but it features the first appearance of a key villain: the Purple Man. He made his live-action debut in the first season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and he promptly stole the show. Considering that he died at the end of season one (not to mention that the series has since met its demise), it’s unlikely that his brief stint in the MCU is behind this sudden surge in popularity. However, it could be due to David Tennant leaving an undeniable impression on fans and boosting the character’s overall popularity.




Batman-171-201x300 Five Comics Shaking Up the Silver Age Market46. BATMAN #171 (+462)

This is another issue I was anticipating to be higher on the list and to have at least cracked the top 40. Still, the Riddler’s first Silver Age appearance is getting its share of attention thanks to the recent news that the newest film-version Batman will feature the Riddler in all his glory. It also will mark the first time the character has been in live-action on movie screens since Jim Carrey’s over-the-top performance in Batman Forever






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