First two issues of GOD IS DEAD return in Enhanced Editions

by Jeff

god-is-dead-1-enhanced First two issues of GOD IS DEAD return in Enhanced EditionsMedia Release — The announcements about Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead series this week were received with excitement in the comics community. Local comic shops are placing their orders for two “Enhanced” editions of GID #1 & #2 this week which, like the Uber Enhanced Editions, include extra material you can’t get elsewhere. These two new editions are strictly limited to 7500 copies of the regular covers, include the original issue plus a brand new story, are 32 pages with no ads, and remain at the $3.99 retail price.


god-is-dead-2-enhanced First two issues of GOD IS DEAD return in Enhanced EditionsCo-writer, Mike Costa provides the new short stories in each issue to help fill in gaps in the original story where we get to see more of the horrors the return of the mythical gods committed. These new additions set the tone for the second big announcement – that God Is Dead has been extended into an ongoing bi-weekly series beginning with issue #7. Mike Costa continues the insane world of gods returned to the modern era with the ongoing issues. He had this to say about the upcoming arcs: “At the end of issue 6 there’s a big game-changing moment, and issue 7 really takes that idea and runs with it. In a way, things seem to get better in issue 6, but we discover very quickly that, what seems at first like a happy ending instead only makes things much, much worse. I can’t say too much without spoiling the story, but there’s a reason the second arc is called “Armageddon.” God is Dead was a from the very beginning a book about escalation, and we’re about to go through the ceiling.”

Ask your local comic shop to reserve copies of the God is Dead Enhanced editions and the new ongoing series!

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