First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11

by Jeff

UncannyXForce_11_Cover First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11Media Release — Marvel is pleased to present your first look at chapter one of the Dark Angel Saga – beginning in this June’s Uncanny X-Force #11, from superstars Rick Remender, Mark Brooks and Dean White! Warren Worthington is no more… there is only Archangel! As their leader succumbs to the darkness within him, Uncanny X-Force has only one place left to turn for a cure – the Age of Apocalypse! But before they can find the one thing that can save their friend, the Uncanny X-Force must battle the Amazing X-Men! The next big X-Force epic begins here and no member of Wolverine’s black ops squad will escape unscathed.

Now is the a time to find out why fans and critics agree – Uncanny X-Force is redrawing the boundaries of the Marvel Universe one issue at a time!

“Five stars… Uncanny X-Force is one of the subversively smartest books Marvel puts out…” – Ryan K. Lindsay,

“Rick Remender’s revamped X-Force series is streamlined, violent, hilarious, and operating at breakneck speed.” – Jesse Schedeen,

“[E]xactly the kind of comic book I’d like to see more of.” – David Pepose,

“Uncanny X-Force is one of the best and ballsiest mainstream comics in ages…” – Rafael Gaitan,

The viscera-strewn, smash hit comics sensation of 2011 enters its most devastating story yet when the Dark Angel Saga launches this June, only in Uncanny X-Force #11!

Penciled by MARK BROOKS
Variant Cover by MARK BROOKS
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC – 5/9/11, On Sale – 6/1/11

UncannyXForce_11_Cover_BrooksVariant First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11UncannyXForce_11_Preview1 First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11UncannyXForce_11_Preview2 First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11UncannyXForce_11_Preview3 First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11UncannyXForce_11_Preview4 First Look at UNCANNY X-FORCE #11

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