First Look at RED CITY TP

by Jeff

OCT140642 First Look at RED CITY TPMedia Release — Cal Talmage thought it would be a pretty simple job: find an ambassador’s daughter, who has disappeared in Mars Central City, and keep her safe until treaty negotiations between Venus and Mercury have ended. But the protagonist of the new Image Comics graphic novel RED CITY should have known better — nothing is ever simple in The Big Red, especially when you’re throwing yourself in the midst of rival alien mafias, political conspiracies, and the threat of interplanetary war.

Classic hardboiled suspense matches up with sci-fi glitz and grit in this graphic novel by Daniel Corey (MORIARTY), Anthony Diecidue (MORIARTY), and Mark Dos Santos (IMPERIAL). Inspired by classic noir stories, writer Corey places his conflicted hero in a complex world where right and wrong aren’t clear-cut.

“The hard-boiled noir hero’s struggle is a spiritual one, in my view,” said Corey in an interview about RED CITY at Flickering Myth. “He or she contends with forces greater than themselves, and must gather arcane facts and clues in order to find their way out of the maze. And the results are usually gray and ambiguous.”

RED CITY collects #1-4 of the series, plus the new short story MORIARTY: ENDGAME by Corey and Diecidue. It will be in comic book stores on December 3, in bookstores on December 16, and is available now for pre-order.

RED CITY by Daniel Corey, Anthony Diecidue, and Mark Dos Santos

ISBN 978-1-63215-109-4
Diamond Comic order code OCT140642
120 pages, paperback, full color
In comic book stores December 3, bookstores December 16
Rated Teen Plus
Collects RED CITY #1-4

Praise for RED CITY:

“RED CITY is right up my alley: film noir mixed with fantasy/sci-fi, topped with elements of an episode of Angel, and complete with a likable, rogue leading man a la Han Solo. It left me wanting more!” –Adam Huss (star of Starz Entertainment’s Power, Dark Highway’s Resurrection County, True Auteur’s Misirlou)

“Sparkling sci-fi noir awesomeness.” –Joshua Hale Fialkov (writer PUNKS, The Bunker, The Life After)

“If Joss Whedon had intended Firefly to be a noirish detective dramedy, it would have been a dead ringer for Daniel Corey’s Red City. Corey matches Whedon’s humor, wit, and underdog mentality, while deftly shepherding the noir genre to a modern audience.” –Barbra Dillon, Fanboy Comics

“If you are captivating by classic noir and science fiction, then do not pass up buying Red City!” –Michel Birttany, Bleeding Cool

“…great story and tons of style.” –Joey Caswell, All-Comic
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