First Look at NIGHTWING #87 from DC Comics

by Charles LePage

NTW_Cv87_6196e745524933.51758085-195x300 First Look at NIGHTWING #87 from DC ComicsNot only is NIGHTWING #87 one continuous image, if you connected every page together, but it will have two connecting covers.

This special Nightwing issue is ONE CONTINUOUS IMAGE! That’s right—if you placed every page next to each other, you’ll have one poster image with this story! Now that billionaire Dick Grayson has publicly dedicated his funds to save Blüdhaven, he’s a wanted man—and that’s why he finds hired killers breaking in to steal his dog, Haley!

To highlight the excitement inside the issue, two new 1:50 variant covers have been added to the print run—vertical connecting images showcasing Bruno Redondo’s dynamic storytelling in bright Nightwing blue!

Nightwing #87 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott will hit shelves on December 21, one week after Nightwing Vol. 1: Leaping into the Light. Nightwing #87 will also feature a variant cover by Jamal Campbell featuring Haley—aka Bitewing—and a 1:25 variant cover by Bruno Redondo showcasing Nightwing’s costume design.

Nightwing Vol. 1: Leaping into the Light publishes on December 14 and Nightwing #87 publishes on December 21. Preorder copies at your local comic book shop! The DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription platform includes the initial issues of this incredible run by Taylor, Redondo, Lucas and Abbott, plus an unparalleled selection of titles featuring all the members of DC Multiverse. For more information and a free trial, visit the website at

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