First Look at DC Comics’ DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

by Charles LePage

Batman and Huntress will share the spotlight in this first look at DETECTIVE COMICS #1035.

DTC_Cv1035_605b74e1a07b48.80236623 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

The press release follows:

Media Release — Gotham City is still feeling the effects of The Joker War, Mayor Nakano has launched his anti-vigilante platform and Batman’s fighting crime without a fortune, when a socialite’s murder puts him in the crosshairs of a new villain’s campaign of revenge!

DC has your first look at Detective Comics #1035, written by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Dan Mora, and Jordie Bellaire, available in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday, April 27!

When his daughter is killed during the brutal crime wave gripping Gotham City, eight-foot-tall stack of muscle and money Roland Worth sets out on a path of revenge toward the prime suspect in the crime: Batman! The Dark Knight has been framed for murder, and to make matters worse, this grisly deed seems to be connected to yet another emerging villainous force on the horizon. It’s a rogues gallery explosion and this time there’s no mansion on the hill for Bruce Wayne to mount his counterattack!

Detective Comics #1035 also includes part one of “Huntress.” This two-part story by Tamaki with art by Clayton Henry zeroes in on Gotham’s own Violet Vengeance, Huntress! In this first chapter, Helena Bertinelli’s world is rocked by the gruesome murder of a dear friend… but there’s more to this sinister scene than meets the eye! Fans will want to pay close attention to this one; it will have big implications for Huntress in future issues!

Dan Mora provides the intense and dynamic art for the main cover of Detective Comics #1035, while Lee Bermejo’s trademark moody and noir style makes an excellent complement for the card stock variant cover. The main cover version of this 40-page comic sells for $4.99, with the card stock variant cover priced at $5.99 (check local stores for availability). For more information on Detective Comics and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, visit the website at, and follow on social media @DCComics and @thedcnation.

DTC_Cv1035_var_605b74f43bcf96.77644254 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

DC_1035_04_605b752259b4d7.85111548 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

DC_1035_05_605b752fc5abc3.27695952 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

DTC_1035_BU_Huntress_07_600_rev_sm_605b765a8c6e77.61933910 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

DTC_1035_BU_Huntress_08_600_rev_sm_605b76733a6ff6.79902102 First Look at DC Comics' DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

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