First Look at CHARISMAGIC #2

by Jeff

APR130842 First Look at CHARISMAGIC #2Media Release — The group makes a sober discovery in Los Angeles, as Hank¹s agent and best friend Kenny painfully realizes the differences between humans and magical beings could kill him–and put an end to their quest to end Serké¹s invasion. However, their problems are much larger in scale than they are aware of, as the dark shaman has summoned his deadliest servant of chaos
Featuring a returning cast of Charismagic¹s favorite characters along with several new and astonishing faces and creatures of magic, this new volume of CHARISMAGIC is a perfect jumping-on point for all!

Be prepared because everything you thought you knew about magic is about to vanish!

CHARISMAGIC #2 is in stores June 5th, 2013!

Vince Hernandez – Story / Vincenzo Cucca – Art / Emilio Lopez – Colors

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