First HAUNT story arc reaches its shocking conclusion

by Jeff

dec090357 First HAUNT story arc reaches its shocking conclusionMedia Release — Since its launch in October 2009, the Haunt comic book series has made its way on to the pull lists of comic book aficionados across the world. The riveting title boasted sell out after sell out. Now, its first story arc comes to an end, and, sadly, with resident penciler Ryan Ottley leaving after its completion.

While Ottley loved working on the prolific series, time was the deal breaker in the comic artist’s relationship with the title. “My main focus has always been Invincible, so Haunt was more of a side thing that turned into more work than I imagined,” said Ottley. “I’ll probably still do an occasional side project here and there, but to take on another ongoing is something I won’t do again. I did 14 comics in 2009, and I need to keep it at around 10 to 12 a year in order to keep my sanity and keep the books looking as fresh as possible.”

However, with Ottley’s departure comes a veteran artist’s arrival. Current layout artist Greg Capullo takes the reigns on the title beginning with the stand-alone issue, Haunt #6. “I’m very eager to get back in the ring and show that I can still throw knockout punches,” Capullo said. “I’m ready to lace ’em up.”

Issue 4 left us pining to know who the mysterious woman in black was, and why she was selling Shillinger’s infamous notebook to the seemingly evil Mr. Hurg. In issue 5 we take a peek into the transaction between the two, and the aftermath that follows. For fans of writer Robert Kirkman, twists are inevitable. Be sure to see what happens in Haunt #5, on retailer shelves now!

Haunt #5, a 32-page full color comic book retailing at $2.99, hits stores Wednesday, February 10th.

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