Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 REVIEW

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Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 of 3
DC Comics
Johns & Kollins

Well, the Rogues certainly stole the stage from the Flash this time around. The mini series wraps up without holding back anything. We get lots from the core Rogues, Libra, Pied Piper, Zoom and Inertia. We even get a little appearance from a Flash. This series ends showing the ugly side of most of the bad guys. However, the story manages to hold the Rogues up as the protagonist rather nicely.

The issue begins with some background on Weather Wizard. This is relevant because it sets his mindset when faced with a personal tragedy or pressure. The Rogues use their toys to help track down Inertia. What they find is that Inertia has teamed up with Zoom.

jul080109b Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 REVIEW
jul080109a Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 REVIEW

The Rogues use some of their talents to confront Zoom. Zoom appears to have the Rogues cornered and beaten when the Pied Piper shows up to even the odds a little more. To keep things off balance Libra enters.

Libra has Weather Wizard’s son as hostage. This provides all the drama for an interesting ending. Inertia, Weather Wizard and Zoom all have some demons they have to reconcile with. But the Rogues are faced with their own choice because of Libra. But what do the Rogues do about Inertia?

The comic ends with a bevy of confrontations that have surprise after surprise. The issue ends with some loose threads that will likely spill into a Flash title at some point.

The story is great. There are so many players in the comic and they all have some role in it that is played to near perfection. I enjoyed the story, the action and characterization of almost all of the characters. Even Libra, who I know nothing about, is given a unique role that required no background to understand.

The comic isn’t perfect though. I wasn’t clear about what Zoom’s true intention was for recruiting Inertia. Also, I felt that Pied Piper’s role was a little cheap. He really didn’t get much face time. They are minor items, but noticeable nonetheless.

The artwork continued to create a dark atmosphere throughout. I liked the edginess that came with the pouring rain and the rage splashed across many of the character’s faces. I did have some trouble with some of the action shots as they seemed to pan away a bit too far, but the comic was an overall gem to look at it. I particularly liked the transformation of Inertia and Zoom. It’s a visually excellent story.

The mini series is worth reading for anyone, not just Flash fans. The funny thing is that this comic is so comprehensive you don’t even need to read the first two issues, despite the fact that there is no recap page. It’s that excellent of a story. I can’t recommend this enough.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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