Final Crisis #3

by Jeff
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Final Crisis #3
DC Comics
Morrison and Jones

I was critical of the first issue. I warmed up to the second issue. And the third turned up the heat to the boiling point. If you haven’t been reading this series, you must now. You have no choice. This may or may not be the “final” crisis, but it’s turning into one monumental tale.

Not only is the story picking up more steam, but, it’s even convinced me the somewhat contradictory situation of Orion’s death is not an error whatsoever. In Death Of The New Gods #6, he did not die like any of the other New Gods. We did not see him shed any blood like the rest. He faced an enormous glowing light (presumably the Force), disappeared into it, and was later seen as energy creature directed by the Force. We never saw a body as we did every other time. Who is to say a bullet traveling into the past couldn’t have killed him? Question is, who fired it, and how? Darkseid wouldn’t kill his son, right? But would one of his followers do it for him?

With so many heroes neutralized, our world seems destined to become the next Apokolips. Can our heroes rebound? Can Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman recover from their losses to lead the troops against the reborn forces of Darkseid? It’s kind of hard to say at this point, given the grim nature of this issue.

Let me tell you, with a SPOILER ALERT issued now, how I think the good guys will turn this around.


may080145d Final Crisis #3
Final Crisis #3 (of 7)

The forces behind this catastrophe will only be stopped by people or incidents they did not or could not plan for. It appears no one expected Barry Allen to return, though I still don’t understand why Death is chasing him and if it’s part of the evil plan or not. It doesn’t appear anyone expected Barry and Wally to travel into the future a few weeks, either. I believe they will learn something in that future they will take with them back to the present or past to unravel the scheme they face.

Even if I’m wrong, this is a comic worth buying and a story worth following.

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