Final Crisis #2

by Jeff
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Final Crisis #2
DC Comics

FINAL CRISIS #2 more than makes up for its predecessor. It’s clear to me now #1 wasn’t put together as a single issue that could be enjoyed and appreciated on its own, but instead was designed as the first chapter of a trade paperback. #2 is the next chapter, but it works fine as an individual comic book.

A refreshing change from previous Crises, the dilemma facing our heroes isn’t based upon internal squabbling or character flaws. They are instead facing the dual threats of Darkseid’s minions and a gang of Earthly villains who are led by someone with apparently a great deal of knowledge regarding the Justice League. It’s both satisfying and horrifying to see how effectively the members of the League are being removed from the playing field. Especially disturbing is the fate of Batman, though, as this story is supposed to take place after BATMAN RIP, I can’t say for certain who is behind the mask.

I am curious to know how the person who arrives at the end of the story can be wearing what he is wearing, considering that same costume exited from the Speed Force in INFINITE CRISIS.

If this issue had been combined with #1 to make one huge yet low priced introduction to FINAL CRISIS, I guarantee you #1 would have received better reviews and press. #2 gives me hope for the rest of the series, and it is still on my must read list.

apr080166a Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #2 (of 7) (Cover A)
apr080166b Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #2 (of 7) (Cover B)
mar080124b Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #1 (of 7) (Cover B)
MAY080145D Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #3 (of 7)

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