Figuring out which concert posters you want of Fleetwood, Mac

by Daniel Paiz

fleetwood-mac-3-219x300 Figuring out which concert posters you want of Fleetwood, Mac

So you’ve put off starting your Fleetwood Mac collection. Sure, there’s the Stevie Wonder choices to make, and the Punk classics you want. However, with the sudden resurgence of the fifty plus-year old band on the charts, there’s renewed enthusiasm with the British rock stars. Whether you’ve been listening to their 33 and ⅓ vinyl for decades or you’ve been inspired to sip Cranberry juice, there’s plenty of Mac to go around. 

It all depends on which era is the most eye-catching for you. There are several places to start, but let’s see what the fuss is all about with the recent Dreams resurgence. 

Rumours and the birth of Dreams 

If like me you are newer to Fleetwood Mac, you also might not have realized this group started all the way back in 1967. That’s long before my time and the time of a lot of Tik Tok users who are playing Dreams on repeat. For those of you wondering why there’s a sudden resurgence of this 1977 #1 US hit, you can thank the cranberry-drinking, vibe-starting Nathan Apodaca. Apodaca played Mac’s Dreams while skateboarding down an Idaho highway after his ride broke down; over 66 million views of the video have catapulted both Apodaca and Mac into the spotlight. 

What that means for the British collective is their highest streaming numbers in history, a return to the Billboard charts, and popularity that might rival their 1970s success. Dreams wasn’t the only successful track, though. Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop, and You Make Loving Fun all made top ten chart appearances.  All of this background info hopefully isn’t overkill for you, but this tour was massive. Finding original posters from this tour is tough. One example would be this May 7th, 1977 Oakland Stadium tour stop:

fleetwood-mac-1 Figuring out which concert posters you want of Fleetwood, Mac

This near mint original poster sold for $250 on eBay. The artwork isn’t particularly stunning or eye-catching, it kind of just is. That kind of reflects FM and this juggernaut of a tour; it just was. Reproductions of posters from this tour are a bit more cost-friendly, and for the average classic rock fan likely will work out just fine. One of the first that pops up is the ever sought-after Madison Square Garden two-night 1977 stop, June 29th & 30th:

fleetwood-mac-2-194x300 Figuring out which concert posters you want of Fleetwood, Mac

Madison Square Garden for some reason always adds some shimmer to a tour and FM took full advantage of that. This reproduction can easily be found on eBay for $13.99. Most of these 1977 tour posters are very matter-of-factly, really just conveying a show is happening without much fanfare. 

Fleetwood Mac has something for everyone

A tiring generalization to be sure, but a fifty-year career should have a decent amount of variety in it. There’s the tumultuous 1990 album Behind The Mask, which saw the departure of two band members. The self-titled debut came out in 1968 (though the band’s first tour wasn’t until 1970). Or if you’re looking for something more recent, there’s the Extended Play tour of 2013, where Christine McVie rejoined the band for a few England shows for the first time since 1998. 

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