Fight the army of darkness with the JINN WARRIORS

by Jeff

jul121143 Fight the army of darkness with the JINN WARRIORSMedia Release — Egyptian/Canadian writer, Marwan El Nashar, launches his epic graphic novel series, Jinn Warriors, on September 12th, 2012. A saga of biblical proportions, the first issue The Devil’s War will be available in comic book stores, ordered through Diamond Comics Distributor’s July Previews catalog, and online at and at

Jinn Warriors explores the dark yet plausible world of the jinn; the first jinni and the father of all jinn, Satan, exposing his quintessential strategy of divide and conquer. Yet, this is a story of solidarity, where three mystic humans (symbolic of three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), despite their differences, unite to fight against the army of darkness in their supernatural dimension. The story arch spans from Genesis to Armageddon; laced with Quranic and Biblical verses that add a certain level of credibility to this otherwise dark fantasy. The Devil’s War is set in World War II where Satan seeks to recruit the third horseman of the apocalypse from amongst the most evil of humans.

When asked about his series, Mr El Nashar said “[imagine] Lord of the Rings -meets- The Devil’s Advocate”. Whereas, events between the two dimensions; the earthly world and supernatural plane, are entwined and correlated. “Very much like how Satan and Adam, hence, jinn and men are connected”

Marwan El Nashar, also a third degree Freemason, worked with a team of 30 people from six countries to bring his graphic novel to life, and raised over 5000 USD off to publish. El Nashar is a graduate of the University in Cairo, and has written and published numerous comics independently and through AK Comics; creators of the first Middle Eastern super heroes and comic books.

Because of his background and the heavy Islamic influence in Jinn Warriors, the series have been regarded as intrusion in pop culture, earning it the label ‘pop jihad’. Mr El Nashar stated that only message in the novel is that “We are each our brother’s keeper, only together we can rise, but remain divided and we all shall fall. My only jihad [strive] is for solidarity and to explore the very real and dark forces at work behind the curtains.”

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