Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter’s Coldest Months!

by Kevin Gurley

012523C-1024x536 Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!These ladies are about to make you look twice as their comics are bound to keep rising in value.

I Don’t Care That She’s Green

i-dont-curr-she-green-193x300 Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!

Who doesn’t want a six-foot seven female assassin as a lawyer? Could you imagine never being summoned to court again? With this in mind, that would definitely not happen if you had Jennifer Walters, aka, She-Hulk on your side. Her new stand-alone series has been pretty entertaining, in my opinion, but no one can deny her popularity as one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU since her introduction in The Savage She-Hulk #1.

In the meantime, She-Hulk has plenty of issues that a comic collector could gamble on. Here’s a few I’d bet on.

Savage She-Hulk #1 Graded 9.6 $230.00/9.2 $140.00/9.0 $130.00
She-Hulk #6 Graded 9.6 $95.00/9.2 $80.00
She-Hulk Sensational One Shot #1 Graded 9.6 $220.00/9.2 $20.00

Wolverine… You Are The Father!

this1-196x300 Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!

I’m starting to think that James Howlett kept changing his name to avoid paying child support. Okay, bad joke; although, you have to admit having three or more names to answer to is a bit suspect. In this case, let’s go with Wolverine. He has a daughter that DNA proves is his, but there has been a little controversy to the how she came to be. All that aside, Laura Kinney, aka X23, is a very intriguing heroine to keep tabs on.

Her popularity has skyrocketed since the release of NYX #3 back in 2004. She has also been a very wise investment for those of us who invest in the unknown potential of heroes and villains. With this in mind, collectors should check these issues out if you’re looking to add to your collection!

NYX #3 Graded 9.6 $725.00/9.2 $650.00/8.0 $525.00
NYX #6 Graded 9.6 $55.00
X23 #1 Graded 9.6 $46.00

Thanos… You Are Not The Father!

nebula-1-198x300 Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!

I can totally see Thanos dancing around on Maury (an extinct tv show that ran from 1991 thru 2022 that placed single moms face-to-face with their could-be baby daddies). After finding out the news, Thanos would literally Snap! Oops… That was definitely funnier than the Wolverine joke (see Wolverine You Are The Father!)

What’s not funny was Nebula’s stake in the Time Heist in Endgame as her abilities to fight and strategize are second to none unless she’s plotting against the Avengers. Here are a few more books to get into; after all, it’s inevitable.

Avengers #257 Graded 9.6 $130.00/9.2 $50.00
Avengers #260 Graded 9.6 $75.00/9.2 $48.00
Nebula #1 Graded 9.6 $40.00

All In The Family

avengers-60-198x300 Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!

As wife to an MCU scientific pioneer, Janet van Dyne has been around since her introduction in Tales to Astonish #44. Dr. Henry Pym, her husband, discovered what would ultimately change the battlefields of combat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would be the discovery of the Pym Particles that would introduce us to Ant-Man and Wasp. Wasp would become a founding member of one of the greatest superhero teams throughout all of comic history, the Avengers.

Janet eventually gave the Avengers their name in Avengers #1 after defeating and capturing Loki. So, let’s do the math from 1963 to 2023. I came up with 60 years and counting. Who would have thought that Janet van Dyne would finally be getting her very own title? I thought her stepdaughter Hope would take over after watching her play the character in the MC2 Universe.

To begin with, when you are a founding member of the Avengers, you’re supposed to have your own book especially if it took sixty years to get here… or did it? Anything is possible with Pym Particles that span across the time continuum. Here’s a few more titles to look into.

Tales To Astonish #44 Graded 9.0 $6500/8.0 $3300/4.0 $1150
Avengers #1 Graded 6.0 $6750/4.0 $4700/2.0 $2500
Avengers #60 Graded 9.6 $575/9.2 $200/6.0 $50
Wasp #1 (No Graded copy at this time. January 2023 Publication Date)

Who is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Femme Fatales Heating Up Winter's Coldest Months!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Arnon January 31, 2023 - 5:46 pm

My fave? Toss up between Wasp and She-Hulk. Love reading She -Hulk comics ’cause they are usually funny. Always loved the Wasp for her flirtatiousness and ever switching fashion.

Sersi is not in the above but I’d mention her too. Too bad they killed her off.

Kevin Gurley February 1, 2023 - 4:08 am

Hey Arnon..
I’m right there with you. I loved Sersi in the Avengers even though the 90’s Avengers didn’t really do her character any kind of justice. I’m hoping that with the next installment of the Eternals we might get to see her character truly show her complete range of powers. She-Hulk on the other hand is hilarious! What did you think of her series? She’s absolutely a comedian. I really feel like She-Hulk’s series answers to her comic book character. My opinion. Of course we can’t forget about Wasp, but flirtatious after all the mad drama she’s been associated with? I think we better dial down the use of that word.. Otherwise her overzealous husband will hunt us down, and shrink us permanently!! I’m definitely laughing out loud with my head on the swivel!! Thanks for writing in, Arnon!! Now GoCollect!


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