FCBD 2007 Success Story

by Jeff

As many of you already know, I used to get my new releases list information from Suncoast Comics of Jacksonville Florida. Last year, I lost touch with the owner of Suncoast, and later found out he was semi-retiring from the business. Since I was visiting Jacksonville on Saturday, I thought I’d check out the store. My first inclination was that it would be closed or replaced with some other business. To my very pleasant surprise I found this instead:

fcbd2007__suncoast_01 FCBD 2007 Success Story

The shop was FULL of people buying comics, toys, etc. They had boxes of comics outside at extremely low prices. There were plenty of people to ring up orders or answer questions. Of course, there was a special table for the free comics. My four old son was with me, and not only did he get the Batman Heroclix, but they gave him a complimentary Batman action figure. The girl who gave it to him said they were trying to give the children something special, which given lack of young comic book readers these days, was not only a very generous thing to do, but a wise business practice.

Some people were even holding banners out by the intersection to let people know what was going on:

fcbd2007__suncoast_02 FCBD 2007 Success Story

Of course, most of the day, the banner was facing the street. They turned it around so I could take a picture while still in the parking lot.

If you are ever near or in Jacksonville and you are in the mood for comic books, I strongly recommend Suncoast. Not that there was anything wrong with the previous owner and manager, but it’s clear to me the current managers have their act together.

(866) 421-1469
5022 Blanding Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32210-7838

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