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by Jeff
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Farscape #1 picks up where the show left off, with Crichton, Aeryn, and their son, “Deke,” looking to find a quiet place to live out the rest of their lives

But as any ’scaper knows, Crichton’s plans have a tendency to become complicated–and this one looks to be no different. While Crichton and family search for somewhere peaceful to settle down, Chiana is working out frustrations, and Rygel has plans to reclaim his position as Dominar. Add into the mix a mysterious observer, and it’s pretty clear that things aren’t going to remain idyllic for long.

sep083804j Farscape #1 REVIEW

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that the issue feels “right” (not a big surprise given Rockne O’Bannon’s involvement) and manages to quickly re-establish characters and relationships, then launch right into the action. I’m definitely chomping at the bit for Issue 2 and already have at least two major questions I want answered, and one working hypothesis about what’s going on. Not a bad tally for a first issue.

Definitely worth picking up for all you long-time fans and, I’d argue, a title well worth taking a gander at for fans of sci-fi titles in general.

For those of you who have already checked it out–what did you think? Any guesses as to who the mysterious observer is? Do your fellow readers a favor and include !!SPOILER!! warnings if appropriate.

Author : Andrew@TFAW

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