Fantastic Four: Supreme Intelligence

by Norman Robinson III

119849_d56b41899341591fa5e66ce4238745c76dffbd68-199x300 Fantastic Four: Supreme IntelligenceIt became clear last year that Disney would eventually regain the rights to the Fantastic Four, ever since the FF has been on fire. Prices have risen substantially, especially in the case of the bigger keys like the first Silver Surfer, or even his first cameo FF #48 and FF#49. Everyone understands why these major keys and premier characters like the Surfer would be highly sought after. However, it seems this focus is not restricted to the primary characters in the FF saga. For instance, the first appearance of Ronan the Accuser is blasting to new overall returns. What is encouraging about Fantastic Four #65 is the broad scope of positive returns across most grade levels, but especially in the (6.0) range. Are there any other keys for this outstanding villain? He has, in fact, appeared in several movies and it seems will have at least a cameo in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Are there other characters that appear in Fantastic Four #65 that may be eagerly being grabbed up by the Kree Empire fan club?

One character not mentioned at all until now is the Kree Supreme Intelligence, or simply just Supreme Intelligence aka Supremor. He appears for the first time in Fantastic Four #65. So this book is hot, it has two key appearances but that is not all. The Supreme Intelligence is getting his first big onscreen appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Along with Brie Larson’s delightful take on the character, we will have a large slug-like being I suppose akin to Jabba the Hut, or perhaps to the Spice Guild Navigators in the movie Dune (Trivia: Who directed Dune?)

Fantastic Four #65

The power of Ronin the Accuser is in his Kree physiology, and the Kree exoskeleton armor which augments his already impressive physiognomy. This gives him superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes. He carries a war hammer, something akin to what you would see in a Conan comic book. But with considerable power on par with Thor’s hammer. It is known as his Cosmi-Rod and called the “Universal Weapon.” It can absorb and fire cosmic energy, manipulate matter, generate force-fields, control gravity and create time-motion displacement fields. Also, let’s not forget it has interstellar teleportation, flight capabilities, and cupholders to boot. However, this character’s true power is in his first appearance in Fantastic Four #65 and the simply cosmic returns it has created over the last two years. The profitability of owning this unique FF villain has provided speculators and collectors alike with substantial returns:

Grade (9.8) is worth $7500 FMV and returns +138%

Grade (9.0) is worth $550 FMV and returns +128.5%

Grade (8.5) is worth $475 FMV and returns +107.2%

Grade (6.0) is worth $160 FMV and returns +113.5%

You don’t need the intelligence of Supremor to know these are supreme returns and a long time coming. Furthermore, even the grades of (4.5) have shown a remarkable surge in price at a positive return of +32.1%. Whether everyone wants the first appearance of Ronin the Accuser or The Supreme Intelligence the result is the same. This book is profitable and it is nice to see the secondary or even tertiary villains in FF books finally getting their day in the sphere of profit. Dust off your old FF boxes and start looking through them before you are accused of sloth.

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