Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate!

by Mike W

bfantastic_four_1_grr-202x300 Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate!I notice that the GoCollect hotlist changes frequently based on sales from all sites. Specifically, the tab for “Silver Age” is the list I am referring to. As of this week, December 28, 2020, to January 2, 2021, the top ten list is showing a minimum of four Fantastic Four books. Chronologically, Fantastic Four #52 is holding down the #2 spot, while Fantastic Four #67 is right behind at #3. Oddly enough, staple comics, Fantastic Four #48 is currently at #4 and the following issue, Fantastic Four #49, is trailing at the #5 spot.  It is odd that these issues are not higher, since rumors are swirling of these characters making their Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in the very near future. The characters I am referring to is Silver Surfer and Silver Galactus. It is interesting since the other six issues in the “top 10” are all different issues from different comic series. Is the speculation really high on Fantastic Four? Let’s dive into that.

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What do these issues have in common?

The interesting part about these four issues is all of them hold the most important thing in a comic’s rising value. Each issue contains the first appearance of a notable character. As I have stated in previous blogs, the first appearance of a character generally provides the most positive financial gain in a comic.

Fantastic Four #52

BP-chadwick-boseman-black-panther-portrait-1280-300x225 Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate!


Fantastic Four #52 debuts the first appearance of T’Challa, or otherwise known as Black Panther. The explosive rise in the value of this issue largely attributes to the world-wide success of the live-action movie in 2018. I understand that part makes sense. I am wondering what is the need in the rise and demand for it recently? Rest in peace and thank you, Mr. Chadwick Boseman. Recently, we learned that Chadwick passed away with his fight from cancer. Boseman portrayed the live-action version of Black Panther in the movie. A sequel has been confirmed, but there is no concrete evidence of what will happen to the Black Panther character. My curiosity is trying to figure out if the issue is selling for nostalgia or people feel the book is losing value. The idea of losing value would mean collectors are trying to buy low. Please let me your thoughts.

Fantastic Four #67

Fantastic Four #67HIM-200x300 Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate! has been in the rumor mill for a long time as it debuts the first cameo appearance of HIM. HIM is also known as Adam Warlock.  Warlock has been linked to appear in many Marvel movies in the past such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame. In the end, the character has not appeared and the buzz has fluctuated over the years. I wonder if the recent sales indicate an important detail of the character. The rise could be attributed to news of a confirmed appearance in the movies or an actor/actress claiming the role for Marvel. Either way, the speculation for this issue is the main reason fueling the latest sales. Though, do we actually think Warlock might join the MCU, or is it too late?



Fantastic Four #48 and #49

glalal-201x300 Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate!I will bundle the next two issues together for this discussion. Fantastic Four #48 & Fantastic Four #49 reveals the first appearance of Silver Surfer and Galactus respectively. With the MCU expanding and Marvel obtaining these properties from Fox, the rise of these issues is skyrocketing! Galactus is rumored to join very soon as the next “big bad” villain to replace Thanos from the Infinity Saga. Silver Surfer is the herald of Galactus so both characters go hand and hand with each other. I am just a bit surprised this issue is not higher on the list as these issues are the most coveted ones that  I have discussed. surf-200x300 Fantastic Four Silver Age Debate!


All in all, Fantastic Four issues, especially the early ones, are super hot and rising each passing day. Out of the four issues I have mentioned, does anyone believe that issue #52 has enough legs to rise more in value? What about issue #67? Do we think the speculation will allow more issues to sell? Maybe, it is safe to say that issue #48 and #49 are destined to explode to unspeakable values in the next coming years. Please let me know!

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Just Pelé January 14, 2021 - 7:25 am

People think FF 48 & 49 are high now? HA! Expect them (as well as 50) to go 3-4x over current values in the next 2-3 years.

Mike W January 14, 2021 - 10:03 pm

People on a budget are thinking that. What about the fantastic four issues I mentioned?


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