Fantastic Four #48: Breaking Records in 2021

by Matt Tuck

FF-48-300x157 Fantastic Four #48: Breaking Records in 2021The comic market is booming, and Fantastic Four #48 is about to get even more expensive on the heels of a lingering Infinity War rumor.

Silver-Surfer-art-169x300 Fantastic Four #48: Breaking Records in 2021BACK IN THE HEADLINES

As I write this at the mid-way point of March (not to be confused with the ides of March), practically every grade of FF #48 that has sold this month has broken its previous record. At this point, you are getting a bargain if you can get even a mid-grade for less than $2k. 

What will push these even higher comes from an interview with actor Curt Clendenin, who was once rumored to play Silver Surfer in Avengers: Infinity War. While that obviously did not pan out, he recently made comments that have left fans wondering if the Surfer was planned for Avengers 3 after all. That raises many questions about his MCU future.

ff48-200x300 Fantastic Four #48: Breaking Records in 2021FANTASTIC FOUR #48

Fantastic Four #48 is clearly a “Holy Grail” level comic for most collectors. Ever since Disney acquired the movie rights to Marvel’s First Family and all their related characters, prices for Silver Surfer’s first appearance have been skyrocketing. With the FF’s first MCU movie in production, that has only made all their key issues more expensive, and FF #48 is among the biggest of them all with the fair market values to prove it. It does not hurt things that the Worthy Silver Surfer from Donny Cates’ Thanos Wins has a Marvel Legends action figure, which could hint at bigger things for that version of the Surfer.


You can paint the entire portrait of the insanity of the FF #48’s March spike by looking at the low grades. Even at a 2.0, this issue is breaking the $1k mark. After that 2.0 sold for $1,040 on March 5, a 3.0 brought $1,300 on March 11. Three days later, a 3.5 reached a milestone when a copy sold for $1,650. 

It doesn’t stop there. The 4.0 broke its own record after earning $1,748 on March 6. The sale prices for the 4.5 are more impressive, having brought over $2k twice in the past two weeks and peaking at $2,200 on March 7.

silversurfer-300x156 Fantastic Four #48: Breaking Records in 2021


Climbing the next rung of the ladder, we have the 5.0, which earned $2,100 on March 7 after two other copies cracked $2k on March 1. Of course, the 5.5 zoomed past that, setting a personal best at $2,795. That even makes the 6.0’s record-high $2,500 on March 7 look cheap. There also was a 6.5 that sold for $3,400, while a 7.0 is now selling for over $4k and the 7.5 is bordering on $5k. 


The highest grade that has sold in March so far has been the 9.2. Before now, it had never sold for more than $5,800. Then came 2021. In the two sales this year, that 9.2 has earned an astounding $8,899 on February 28 and $8,655 on March 4. 


These prices will not be slowing down in the near future if ever. The Silver Surfer is hugely popular among comic fans, and he could be a major force in the MCU. 

The thing to keep in mind is that there has been nothing mentioned about Silver Surfer joining the MCU anytime soon. Imagine where the FMVs will be when that news breaks. 

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mmokken April 11, 2021 - 8:12 am

small market update. A 9.2 sold on Heritage for $19200
Fantastic Four #48 (Marvel, 1966) CGC NM- 9.2 White pages….
Silver Age (1956-1969):Superhero, Fantastic Four #48 (Marvel, 1966) CGC NM- 9.2 White pages…. Silver Age (1956-1969):Superhero, Fantastic Four #48 (Marvel, 1966) CGC NM- 9.2 White pages….
Sold on Apr 5, 2021 for:
includes Buyer’s Premium (BP)

CyberDigger April 11, 2021 - 8:47 pm

You’re one of my favorite writers here Matt but you’re behind on this one. Even GoCollect lists a #48 CGC 9.2 at $12,500 and MMokken just hit it on the head as well. This book is exploding. Let’s get these values more current GC! 😉


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