Fantagraphics Loves The Muppet Show Comic Book

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JAN094069F Fantagraphics Loves The Muppet Show Comic BookMedia Release — Los Angeles – March 31st, 2009 – Direct Market pioneer publisher FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS heaped praise on BOOM! Studios’ latest offering THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK Tuesday, calling it “impeccably well done. Why aren’t there more comics like this?” and “…best… licensed Muppets comic you could ever imagine.”

“I don’t buy many serial comics these days. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I don’t buy any…” said Eric Reynolds, FANTAGRAPHICS’ PR person. “I have a neighborhood comic shop that I stop into fairly often when I’m out walking my daughter, and more often than not I come out empty-handed, even when I have money burning a hole in my pocket. To the point where it’s almost amazing to me that, as a die-hard comics fan, there’s virtually nothing for me that I want to read in floppy form… I like the Muppets just fine, but have no abiding affection for them. But I do think Langridge is a phenomenally talented cartoonist, and after seeing it pop up on blog after blog last week, on Friday I was happy to have an excuse to visit my local shop.”

Reynolds continues “…it’s the… best… licensed Muppets comic you could ever imagine… It plays to the strengths of the creator and the creation… it’s not just well-done, it’s impeccably well done. Why aren’t there more comics like this? I’ve rarely seen anything as unimpeachably professional as this?”

feb094153f Fantagraphics Loves The Muppet Show Comic Book
Muppet Show #2 (of 4) (Cover A)
feb094154f Fantagraphics Loves The Muppet Show Comic Book
Muppet Show #2 (of 4) (Cover B)
mar094141f Fantagraphics Loves The Muppet Show Comic Book
Muppet Show #3 (of 4)

“I am a huge FANTAGRAPHICS fan, going way back to their 1980s initial launch books like LOVE AND ROCKETS. They are one of the pioneers of the direct market, one of the longest-lived publishers, and one of the most well-respected companies in the business. A tough crowd to please,” said Marketing and Sales Director Chip Mosher. “In such a competitive environment as comics, it’s great when publishers can put aside their self-interest and really get behind each other. It means the world to us that FANTAGRAPHICS would write this about one of our endeavors.”

THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK praise from FANTAGRAPHICS follows unanimous accolades from all quarters:

“…one of the most appropriate and fitting comic adaptations ever published.” – COMIC BOOK RESOURCES

“Langridge has knocked this one out of the park. Highly recommended.” -GREG MCELHATTON


“As I read this, I smiled, even chortled a bit. I was impressed with the visuals and surprised by a slightly melancholy quality in the plot as well. I was struck by the feeling that Langridge’s take on The Muppet Show was just special, capturing the kind of magic and mirth that have made these characters icons of pop culture.” – EYE ON COMICS

BOOM! Studios announced the launch of their new imprint, “BOOM! Kids” earlier last week. BOOM! Kids serves as a child-appropriate home for BOOM!’s kid-friendly publishing content. The company’s new imprint includes its own website, The premiere books for this imprint include THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #1, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #1, both released on March 25th sold out the day of release with CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 shipping April 1st.

All BOOM! Kids’ titles will be serialized as individual 24 page comic books in Direct Market comic book collector shops and newsstands, then each four issue complete story will be collected into graphic novel trade paperbacks available in the mass market via Borders, Barnes & Noble and the direct market as well.

Last week BOOM! Studios announced a national newsstand distribution agreement with Kable Distribution Services, Inc. for the BOOM! KIDS line of the monthly publication to the newsstand market.

For additional titles and release dates, see

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique new publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry’s biggest talents. In its inaugural year, Wizard Magazine named BOOM! “Best New Publisher.” Founded by the creator of the TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and his partner Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

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