Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Flash Keys

by Matt Tuck

102521B-300x157 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Flash KeysAfter years of gossip and speculation, DC Fandome gave fans their first look at The Flash. The highly anticipated movie has huge implications for the DCEU and Barry Allen’s Silver Age key issues.

It has been a long time coming for Flash fans. After the Justice League Snyder Cut reignited interest in the filmmaker’s vision of the DCEU, audiences were ready for Ezra Miller to suit up as the Flash for the on-again/off-again solo movie. Then came word that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck would be reprising their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman, making The Flash an adventure through DC’s Multiverse, which should have you watching these Silver Age keys.

Showcase-4-204x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Flash KeysSHOWCASE #4

There is no way to have a Barry Allen wish list without including the comic that is widely recognized as the beginning of the Silver Age, Showcase #4. Not only is this issue the start of one of the most beloved collecting eras, but it gave us the modern Flash, Barry Allen. Of course, those are two reasons why this issue commands high prices.

The Flash movie will definitely elevate Barry Allen to new mainstream heights, but his first appearance isn’t seeing the instant sales that we’re seeing with other keys. The most recent sale of a Showcase #4 was last month when a 7.5 earned $75,030. Because of those high prices, most buyers were not flocking to this specific issue. When a 0.5 is a $3,600 comic, that tells you everything you need to know.

Flash-123-205x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Flash KeysTHE FLASH #123

With the new movie and the CW series focusing so much attention on the DC Multiverse, this is a great issue to own. In the pages of Flash #123, Barry Allen and the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, cross paths. This would prove to be a crucial moment in establishing the Multiverse, and those keys could become more popular in the near future.

On October 4, a 9.2 from the Don & Maggie Thompson Collection sold for an astounding $13,600. For the rest of us, there are the lower grades. For less than $600 on average, you can have as high as a 3.5.

Flash-125-203x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Flash KeysTHE FLASH #125

The early 1960s were an important year for the Flash. Shortly after introducing Earth-2 and the Multiverse, Flash learned that he could time travel in Flash #125. Here we see the introduction of the Cosmic Treadmill, a device that allowed Barry to move through time. With the character moving across timelines in the upcoming movie, there is a solid possibility that the Cosmic Treadmill will be incorporated into the story.

Compared to the other keys on today’s list, Flash #125 is quite reasonable. The last time there was a sale online, a 6.5 sold for $170 in August.


There are so many possibilities with The Flash movie. In fact, anything could happen considering the premise revolves around interdimensional travel. If it lives up to the hype, expect all the Silver Age Flash keys to get a major price boost, especially anything connected to the origins of the Multiverse. Trust me, this will only be the beginning for the DC Multiverse.

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