Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Batman Rogues Gallery

by Matt Tuck

102121A-300x157 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Batman Rogues GalleryThe Batman is coming, and the heart-pounding trailer is casting a massive spotlight on three classic villains from the Silver Age Batman Rogues Gallery.

The more we see of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the more amazing it looks. For those of us wanting a break from the current slate of action-comedies in the land of superheroes, this movie appears ready to deliver in a major way. 

With characters as old as Batman and his supporting cast, most collectors aim at their early Silver Age appearances. You’d better hurry before the movie hype sends these three issues into the stratosphere.

Lois-Lane-70-199x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Batman Rogues GallerySUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE #70

With WarnerMedia already talking spinoffs for The Batman, I highly recommend getting your paws on Catwoman’s key issues. Zoe Kravitz made a splash as the new Selina Kyle in the latest trailer, and she could very well star in her own HBO Max series or potential movie. Maybe then, we can all forget about that awful Halle Berry movie.

Be that as it may, one of the most underrated Catwoman keys remains Lois Lane #70. Granted, this is pure ‘60s schlock, it marked the first Silver Age appearance for the character after the Comics Code Authority helped keep Catwoman on the shelf for twelve years.

So far this month, there have only been two grades to trade online: the 7.5 and the 6.0. Only one 6.0 has been sold this month when it was purchased on October 6 for $550. In the case of the 7.5, there have been three sales in October. The first netted $766 on the 7th, which was blown away by an October 15 record-setting sale of $850. A day later, another copy brought $799. 

Batman-171-201x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Batman Rogues GalleryBATMAN #171

Ever since DC confirmed that the mystery villain in the first teaser trailer was indeed Paul Dano’s the Riddler, this has been one of the hottest comics on the market. As the excitement for The Batman intensifies, audiences are ready for the Riddler to become a bonafide star, which is adding fuel to the speculative fires under the character’s first Silver Age appearance in Batman #171. 

Just last month, an 8.0 sold for a record $3,295. The only sale so far in October earned a respectable $2,747, which is still well above 2020’s high of $1,900. Further down the ladder, a 5.0 sold for $775 on October 17, keeping pace with the majority of sales for that particular grade this year.

What tells the tale of this comic is in the 2.5. That low grade averaged $227 last year, but that is in the rearview mirror. On October 16, one copy brought a record $555.

Batman-155-204x300 Fandome Reaction: Silver Age Batman Rogues GalleryBATMAN #155

The newest trailer seen at Fandome gave fans their best look at Colin Farrell’s Penguin. While the character reportedly appears only briefly in The Batman, WarnerMedia previously announced Farrell will star in a Penguin series on HBO Max. 

All this exposure is making the Penguin’s first Silver Age appearance all the more valuable. Last month saw several records broken across the graded board, and I anticipate a pickup in sales in the coming weeks. So far, the only graded sale in October came on the 12th when a 3.5 sold for $411. 


If there ever was any doubt which character rules the DC Universe, Fandome put that to rest. From The Batman to The Flash, there will be three different versions of Batman on the silver screen, and that is not including the Batman: Caped Crusader cartoon series. As always, what makes Batman so popular is his rogue’s gallery, and the spotlight is ever-expanding for them. If you can fit those Silver Age firsts into your budget, don’t hesitate to make a move. 

Which Rogue is your favorite as a collector? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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