Fandom Advisory Network seeks to unite voices of fans

by Jeff

fantopcorner Fandom Advisory Network seeks to unite voices of fansMedia Release — Whether in politics or business, groups speak with a united, single voice, theycommand attention. Isn’t it time for fandom to come together and find their collective voice? If you’ve eversaid, “I think this should happen, or I don’t like what’s going on with that,” you now have the opportunity tocome together with others in the collecting community to stand up and be counted.

The Fandom Advisory Network (FAN) will actively seek input from the entire fan community on themyriad issues facing collectors. The initiative was formally launched at this year’s Comic-ConInternational in San Diego in conjunction with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of The OverstreetComic Book Price Guide.

“We aim to become a social networking site with real, tangible benefits for our members (like discountadmissions, special exclusive offers and more), but we need your input to make this what it should be. If thisorganization is going to be truly representative, we need you!” said Melissa Bowersox, Executive Vice-President of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, sponsors of the FAN initiative.

The Beta sign-up for FAN is now online at

There is no cost to join.From special privileges at fan-related events to exclusive merchandise unavailableanywhere else, FAN will reward the dedication of all those true fans that are passionate and committed totheir interests.

In addition to the fans themselves, FAN will enlist the support and participation of key industryprofessionals, from creators and publishers to retailers and convention organizers, as well as museums,universities and other institutions through an advisory board and regular membership.

“Our goal is straightforward: this network was conceived to give fans a united forum to express what theywould like to see happen in their hobby,” Bowersox said. “By starting with our “stand up and be counted”project, we can show how strong fandom is. Before we roll out the actual networking site, if this is trulyto be about and for the fans, doesn’t it make sense to starting listening now? We want to find out fromthem what they want it to be like, to contain and to offer.”

More announcements, including member benefits, will be forthcoming.

About the Fandom Advisory Network

The Fandom Advisory Network (FAN), a free membership site, seeks to give fans a united voice andforum through which to express what they would like to see happen in their hobby. FAN can also befound on Facebook and Twitter. Videos from Comic-Con International: San Diego will be posted onYouTube in the coming days. Additional news, information and developments about the organization willbe posted on The first members of FAN’s Advisory Board and initial memberbenefits will also be announced soon.

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