Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity

by Matt Tuck

Submariner #1 and two classic Spider-Man keys are leading a downward trend of Silver Age comics that have lost ground in the past month.

Listed below are five Silver Age issues that have suffered a drop in sales volume. That doesn’t mean they are not still expensive comics, but they are losing popularity in recent weeks. Beside each issue is the current rank on the Hottest Comics index along with the number of positions lost in the past month.

submariner1-195x300 Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity10. Submariner #1 (-7)

Now that the MCU rumors are quieting down, collectors are backing off what had been the third-most-popular Silver Age comic on the market. For years the speculation was that Namor was on his way to the MCU. However, Kevin Feige had said in the past that Namor’s screen rights were highly complicated, which made a movie debut unlikely anytime soon. Still, Submariner fans grasped to any hope they could find. When there was a passing reference to oceanic activity in Endgame, many saw that as a Submariner Easter egg. So far, nothing has come of it, and it doesn’t seem like anything will. That’s why Submariner #1 is steadily on the decline.




ASM-9-198x300 Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity41. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (-19)

The first appearance of Electro isn’t as popular as it used to be. Don’t take that to mean it’s suddenly a cheap comic. Any of the early Silver Age ASMs are pricey, and that is doubly true for the first appearances of the rogue’s gallery. In this case, most grades are still up from their 2017 averages, but several of the lower grades are beginning to lose ground. The likely culprit behind this is that while there is plenty of speculation about the Sinister Six appearing in the MCU, Electro will be left out of the ensemble.




falcon-199x300 Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity42. Captain America #117 (-35)

This is the most surprising entry on today’s list. Sam Wilson made waves in the comics when he took over for Steve Rogers and became the Marvel NOW! Captain America. The bigger news was when Sam picked up the shield in Endgame, giving birth to the MCU Sam Wilson Captain America. As expected, prices for Falcon’s first appearance ballooned overnight, and that may be the problem. Across the board, nearly all grades are still on the rise, but it could very well be that Cap #117 has peaked. Of course, we will see if that trend continues after Falcon’s Disney+ series debuts.




ASM-4-199x300 Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity48. Amazing Spider-Man #4 (-23)

What is the world coming to when two Silver Age ASMs are losing popularity? I have written before that SA Spider-Man keys are collector’s gold, and I stand by that statement. My inclination is that Sandman’s debut in ASM #4 is suffering from the same fate as ASM #9. Once again, when it comes to a future onscreen Sinister Six, it’s not likely that Sandman will be part of the team for the same reason as Electro – Sony already put him in a movie, and Marvel is shying away from rehashing Sony’s ideas.





Doctor-Strange-169-198x300 Falling Silver: Five Silver Age Comics Losing Popularity55. Doctor Strange #169 (-25)

This is another comic that could be suffering from superhero fatigue. This issue was hot back when Doctor Strange debuted in the MCU because this was the cheaper alternative to Strange’s first appearance in Strange Tales #110. Will things change when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness drops its first trailer? Possibly, but for now, this is an issue that collectors are taking a break from buying. 




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Jeremy December 4, 2019 - 12:56 pm

Always enjoy your posts Matt you give great in biased insight

Erol Molnar December 4, 2019 - 2:31 pm

ASM keys from Ditko are always in demand they don’t need a movie to move the books on the popular table nor need a speculation. They are the blue chip books to collect wether they are decreased in value from speculation addicts who only chase books for the moment.. sad way to collect


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